Someone who only posts every little detail about their lives and only reads responses to their own postings.
I thought Jane would see the post about meeting up for lunch.

Na, she's so facebook-centric if you don't post to her directly she'll never bother to see it.
by Sewbrmom August 01, 2010
Top Definition
Friend or relative you always see also in "Common friends" section of facebook and you can't figure out how can they possibly know each other.
On facebook everybody knows Alex. Must be Facebookcentric.
by mave73 October 15, 2008
2. (there is already one definition published, this is another) (adj.) describes an exchange of information, be it person-to-person, news media-to-person, social media-to-person, that involves Facebook in any overt way.
A recent facebookcentric article was on outlining the "12 Types of Facebookers."
by citygirlkris August 20, 2009
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