The point in which something is cool/amazing enough for someone to put it on facebook.
This is not facebook worthy
by thatguynon July 22, 2011
Top Definition
when a sexual relationship between two people gets serious enough that it can be entered under a facebook relationship so that everyone in the world can see
boy 1: so you mean that you hu with that girl again, dude this is like the third time in the last week
boy 2: yeah, we are getting pretty serious, i think we are about to become facebook worthy
by coolkid812 June 10, 2006
An event, photo, rumor, or other happening that is worthy of posting on your Facebook profile for everyone to see.
"I just partied, drank scotch & sang karaoke all night with guys and their Korean servant girl harem in their mob lair without paying a single yen. It was definitely a Facebookworthy evening."
by Travitron December 03, 2008
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