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Facebook Stalking consists of monitoring Facebook activities of Facebook users.

Like regular (cyber)stalking, Facebook stalking allows the stalker to secretly gather information about the stalkee but, unlike regular (cyber)stalking, Facebook Stalking is not illegal as - in this case - is the stalkee that freely and spontaneously posts information on Facebook (or online) about themselves.
Posting contents on Facebook (or anywhere online) makes that content public.

Facebook stalking is generally accepted by the voyeuristic victims but sometimes they complain being *stalked*. This shows either ignorance in the use of these new media platforms (and in the law) or eagerness to accuse their next of the very same evil they ask for.
In addition, being a Facebook user stalked for real or not, they cannot know it, according to strict Facebook rules which prevent them to know who visited their profile.
Guy A: You know dude, my ex is Facebook stalking me!
Guy B: And how do you know it?
Guy A: I don't: it's just my gut feeling...
Guy B: Get over it, dude!
by Narcissistic Notes Fb page October 09, 2014
When you are bored, getting on Facebook and looking through random peoples Facebook pages, going through their pictures and reading all their statuses.
Friend one: OMG he is soo cute! Plus he has a puppy!

Friend two: Umm how do you know that? You don't even know him...

Friend one: I was Facebook Stalking him last night
by UhHuh12 January 06, 2011
When you look at the profile of someone who you are friends with on facebook.
Hey, did you see Janeta's Facebook status? Yeah, I was Facebook Stalking her last night.

Whose pictures are those on your news feed? Oh, they are Marlins, stop Facebook stalking him.
by Janetta simmons June 04, 2011