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The act of creeping on facebook for any of multiple reasons. This could include trying to catch someone in a lie, obsessing over an ex or old friend, being bored late at night, or even literally STALKING. Almost anything one does can be considered facebook stalking while on facebook. The many things you can creep on include pictures, wall-to-walls, videos, information, recent friends, etc. To go even further, one may call this "creepbook stalking"
"Who is that?"
"I'm not sure i came across her album through my brothers cute friends tagged pictures."
"So you're facebook stalking..."
by baberuth7417 November 08, 2009
Looking on facebook for someone, adding them, and constently checking their status and/or pictures.
Dude quit facebook stalking that bitch you were on her profile like 10 minutes ago.
by crazyarms October 26, 2010
stalking one of your facebook friends or a non-friend who does not have a protected profile by accessing there wall-to-wall conversations and photos that they're in all throughout the facebook community.
yeah, so i was facebookstalking bob the other day, and saw him in Laura's photo album kissing that girl?
by AlannaCrotch January 05, 2008
A traditonal way of avoiding both the real world and homework, facebook stalking is the act of constantly checking a person's facebook page.
Mom: Get to your homework _____ (child's name)
Child: One second mom, i'm facebook stalking.
by tone everlast January 11, 2010
1. If it's a guy, they usually just sit there with the urge to masturbate to pictures of hot females.

2. If it's a girl, then the stalking is a lot more complicated than that.
Diego has been facebook stalking all week. He should host an hourly special where he updates everyone on what's going on in the world of facebook.

Why are you facebook stalking, Jess?

Because, this bitch has been replying to almost everything my boyfriend posts.
by beastblindfire July 06, 2011
A talent not unique to but certainly heightened within teen college girls. This skill manifests itself in having the unwavering patience to tear through every corner of a facebook profile, page, timeline, and post. Culprits are usually caught by the often paired attribute of "liking" absolutely everything.
"What happened to Abe?"

"We had to have an intervention because she was facebook stalking again"

"how bad was it?"


That one person who actually reads Facebook's ToS
by MCCraven February 05, 2013
Looking at someones facebook profile and reading their recent news and wall posts. Monitoring another person's facebook life
I am facebook stalking you right now
by ByRd December 11, 2007