Someone who spends larges amounts of time looking at others profiles, pictures, walls and statuses and learning about the person's life story. In addition,they must "like" every little conversation they he/ she was/is never apart of. Very rarely is it traceable. Can be traced and or noticed if the person being stalked and or victim notices a lot of "likes" and "comments" on post that The Facebook Stalker was never apart of.
Abdoul, " Hey yesterday was fun, I hope you had fun."

Tammy, " I did have fun, I loved the Cliff diving."

*Katie Likes Comment*

Tammy, " Katie WTF are you doing? Are you being a Facebook Stalker?
by iPrank February 06, 2011
Remembers every detail of any status update, comment, & post! Leaves dirty messages and has the creepy 'up against a white wall' profile pic. They 'love' your pics and most likely have a 'copy & paste" album of their own. They make FB the scary place we all love.
If a guy comments on your post about the new brand of tampon you like....he is a facebook stalker!
by DoubleJ258 February 03, 2010
Driven by jealousy, obsession and mental illness. Can be characterized by frequent visits to someone's page who is not on your friends' list, creating a new profile when they have been blocked, copycatting someone else's posts, or stealing their pics. Individuals who Facebook stalk are often lonely, bored and lacking creativity.
"Your Facebook stalker somehow posted a reaction to your post, even though you blocked him"
by A-non-nee-mus March 19, 2014
a unknown character that into all the groups, fan clubs you are into on facebook.
John:dude i have notice this one chick that into all the stuff i'm into.
friend: she must be your facebook stalker!
by ur stalker(jk) April 13, 2010
someone who finds people on facebook that they may or may not know and checks their wall photos and outer information t find out stuff about them
I Facebook stalkered your Girlfriend on facebook. P.S. she is cute
by FacebookStalkerWatchesYou November 16, 2011
A person who is usually liking or commenting on everything you post, Copies your statuses and pics and layout style likes your statuses that you posted from months ago after having a good snoop around your page and knows everything and remembers everything you post on facebook
Person has liked your status from 3 months ago
You:wtf didn't I post this from like three months ago??? I think I've got a facebook stalker

Person has same profile pic as you and background layout
You:Dude I seriously think this person is stalking me they've copied my picture pose and even got the same background layout

Person:I saw his facebook check in he's at McDonalds lets go to McDonalds
Person 2: You are such a facebook stalker it's like your obsessed with this guy?

Person:Yeah I heard it was your mothers Birthday last week so I bought her a belated Birthday present
You:Ok and how did you know it was my mums Birthday?
Person:Oh I saw it on your facebook
You:Thinks to self 'facebook stalker'
by Lenny45 July 06, 2014
An individual who secretly looks up people on facebook, going through albums, comments and personal information to piece together a picture of this person. Potentially developing into an obsession.
Tristan is a facebook stalker, he fs'ed the girl before he went on his date with her. By the time they were eating dinner, he already knew what things she liked and disliked.
by JE Castaneda December 25, 2008
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