When a person changes the state of a person's Facebook profile when left logged in. Usually consists of changing he victim's sexual orientation, picture, and interests to include various unspeakable acts. See Also: Facebook Fucker
"Man, He left his profile logged in. He's due for a good ol' Facebook Fuck. Let's check Google Images for pictures of gay guys to post on there."
by PeteJolly October 31, 2006
Top Definition
When you go to people's facebook sites, click on the view more photos option, and jack it to the photos you see there.
Man, that girl may have rejected me at the party last night, but I facebook fucked her when I got home!!
by Slamjanders May 22, 2006
the act of befriending some one who you wish to engage in sexual intercourse, fellatio, and/or cunningulus, and express your intentions to them through repetitive poking.
Dude i got so wasted and totally facebook fucked this ugly bitch.
by Mozezamos March 09, 2008
The act of "liking" a large quantity of posts on a person's Facebook wall, simply so they will receive a massive number of notifications.
Girl-"Did you just Facebook fuck Brittany? I got a bunch of notifications that you liked some posts I made on her wall"

Boy-"Hell yeah I did! She's gonna have the max 99 notifications!"
by Caitbg January 17, 2010

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