When an certain event happens and every friend you have updates their status about it.
It's the first snow of the year and there's a Facebook frenzy where everyone is posting about the fact that is snowing like the sky itself is falling.
by LovesDogs77 October 05, 2012
Top Definition
When you have been gone for a few days and hear that something big has happened, then start frantically searching, commenting, and chatting on facebook to find out what happened.
I was gone from school today and I heard there was a fight so now I am on a major facebook frenzy.
by coolgyingman February 10, 2010
The short period of time, after a night out, or a notable event (such as a birthday or other social gathering) where non-stop notifications are recieved as photos are tagged and people comment on them.
"Man, there was so much facebook frenzy last night"
"I know, I even changed my profile picture"
by chandlers9 August 30, 2011

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