Pure Evil.
Hey I was going to cure cancer but I went on facebook instead.

Hey I was going to try and meet women IRL but facebook seemed easier.

Hey I wasn't planning on stalking this girl, but it just sort of happened.

Hey I was going to hang out with my friends, but I spent it on face book instead.

Hey I was going to do something productive but I went on facebook instead

Hey Im going to break up with someone but dont want to see them while doing it....hmmm....Facebook!

Me:Hey Im going to kill all the jews....
You: I dont care Im on Facebook!

by SWIY April 13, 2009
Originally for college students to network and today every Tom, Dick and Harry has a profile. It's so bad that my Mom has a facebook profile and she wants to be my friend!!!

It's a perfect way to scope out hot college girls or find that skank you nailed 20 year ago or for parents to keep tabs on what 30 year old teacher their daughter is dating.
No Mom I can't have you as a Facebook friend, that's where I draw the line.
by glum68 January 07, 2009
The cause of the downfall of todays society. The most addictive drug in todays society that has millions of users who are afflicted by facebook's disease.
Facebook is going to fuck us all up. Lets go back to the old days where socializing was much for personable. Facebook is killing us all softly. So beware.
by WEneed2LayOFFfaceBOOK April 06, 2010
The reason why I'm divorced
Husband: Honey let's talk.

Wife: In a minute...I'm on Facebook.
by Miz Tee February 08, 2010
The "walmart" myspace or generic myspace. Cheap pointless crap. A place where you add people from your past that you can't remember why you stopped talking to them until you start to speak with them again.
"Are you on facebook?" No I had an account for 5 seconds but deleted it.
by rvn76 March 30, 2008
stalkers heaven
facebook is for ppl who know everything about you and what you do before you have even met them OR for... ppl with crushes who are too weird to let you know to your face....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE
by brfgmvxd March 06, 2009
Stalking made easy!
An easy way to communicate with friends and strangers depending on who you add. You can also post photos and videos.
Dude #1-"Did you see my new sicky sicky ganar ganar pics on facebook?!"
Dude #2-"No me and my stalker were chatting."
by Juneffer June 03, 2009
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