Another excuse for old men to stalk young girls and boys.
Also a way for desperate people to shar a bunch of pointless info about them.

Also known as:
the highly addictive drug: crack
a cause of insomnia

Known for: ruining social lives, creating a distraction, and wasting time.
"I have been trying to find her all week! She won't answer my calls, she doesn't respond to my emails."

"Oh, shes at home, chillin, and reading Harry Potter."

"What? How'd you know that?"

"One word. Facebook."
by 8089364496 January 29, 2009
used to be a place for friends to chat online, but now it is a website where all you do is take quizzes and "become a fan" of things
On facebook I keep getting notifications to take quizzes. What has facebook become?
by fandango2girl July 02, 2009
n. A social-networking site found on the interwebs. When a user registers they are able to add friends and join groups, similar to myspace. What was once a simple, unique site good for college students wanting to stalk each other, it has spread and grown to include high school kids who want to post pictures of them getting drunk, and later to include anyone who is an alumni from a university or high school.

Originally a person's page only showed their name, info, interests, etc. After numerous layout changes, you can now see what "actions" a person has made on the site, as well as add applications that serve no purpose other than to cause Java and Flash Player errors, and make the site more corny.

Despite all this, it is still commonly used for procrastination as well as stalking.

v. To facebook someone is to look them up and/or request they be your friend.
Frank: Hey, did you facebook me?
Betty: I tried, but there's so much crap on there now that it takes forever to load.
Random: Hey, did you guys check out the pictures I posted of my friends downing vodka and passing out on a couch? Man, college is great!
by Matt..... June 05, 2007
To sell your soul over the Intrawebs. Or, take a million pictures of yourself and post them on your facebook. Or take pictures of anything and put them on facebook.

It can also be used to let people know you want to be facebook friends.
New haircut? Facebook it!

Facebook me?

Want to be facebook friends?

I facebooked my car.

That deserves facebooking!
by mariathepirate March 20, 2007
A social networking website, similar to MySpace, but used to be better, because only college students could sign up. But now, Facebook is becoming another MySpace clone by allowing everybody and anybody to become a member. So now, Facebook is a place for slut-faced high school girls to post all of their drunk and high pictures. And now, because Facebook is giving the options of changing your top friends, adding music to your profile, and adding other totally useless applications such as the "Fortune Cookie," "Food Fight," or "X-Me," it is just as bad as MySpace. Such a shame, because Facebook used to be good.
OMG YAY! I can have a top 8 on facebook AND myspace now!!
by A_Really_Cool_Person June 25, 2007
A once cool website, but now it seems a bit wierd. Virtually every "friend" I have is someone from my school who hates me, but tries to make me feel speical. They have a shit load of friends, and post photos of themselves plastered in makeup/drinking alcohol.

Also a very bad place to bitch about people. I was flicking through people's profiles (I was bored) and I caught sight of people bitching about me, as per fucking usual.
example 1
Me:*checks Facebook*
Some bitch:Hey babes. How you doing bitch. Miss you ;)

Example 2
Me:*checks a person proile*
Person 1: OMG have you read *insert my surname here* blog!! It's great!! ;)
Person 2: Haha, what a retard

Enough said
by hdioyhrefugsafueagfujs April 12, 2009
To facebook someone - the process of slamming your arse cheeks shut on someones face (generally in a sexual act or to somebody that is asleep) as if you were slamming a book.
I facebooked your mom last night!
by JD and Boz July 22, 2008
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