1. to make a hard shoot in someones face

2. an expression you can read off sum1 face

3. a new expression for asking for head,blow job,knowledge,brains,neck,bj,
1. after a made basket in basketball yell out "FACEBOOK"

2. damn ya boy got that facebook right now he look like he gonna puke.

3. yo ma whats good with that facebook later
by facebook.com April 27, 2006
1) cocaine, white, "cool stuff"
Dude, are trying to do some facebook tonight?
by Malec March 04, 2006
Facebook is this really dumb online FAD that's starting to spread into the high school clique. It's sorta like the new myspace where the RANDOMEST people ask to be your friend. These people are people who you have no clue who they are OR they are people you only met like once or twice. It's like this REALLY BIG ego game where people try to amass the most amount of friends that they can have. Whoever has the most friends WINS! But what do they win? They win the title of BIGGEST ONLINE COMFORMIST IDIOT EVER!!! WOOT! GJ you DUMBASS! Anyways, because facebook is such an idiotic thingamabob, now if random people add you to their facebook, that means you have just been FACEBOOKED! It's like you just got smacked in the FACE. Except you got booked in your FACE! So now, facebook is like this term that means OWNED or BURNED or PWNED or FUCT!
You just been FACEBOOKED BIATCH!! Wut you gon do?? You WANT some of this?? Huh?? Well I just FACEBOOKED YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!
by jkwan September 25, 2005
To ejaculate on someone
O dam, if you don't shut up, I will facebook in your eye.
by Shane Doucette March 02, 2005
a cheap knock-off of myspace. it was originally open to just college fucks but now its open to all of the self-obsessed high schoolers who have no life. just fuck facebook and go to myspace =]
like ohemgee facebook is the shiznit. oh gawd i have a pimple!!! NOOOO!!!
by trueloveisSOalie April 25, 2006
A site that people use to post selfies.
Facebook used to be good. Now it's full of people taking Selfies!
by HafuUD May 20, 2015
1. The main reason many kids and teens 9-18 years old from all over the World neglect homework and complain they don't have time to study.
2. A means used by slut asshole bitchesof both gender to camouflage the unimportance of their shitty, worthless existance and make others feel worthless and unimportant instead.
Consecuences of Facebook include, but are not limited to:
Terrible eye and neck pain
Light form of depression because of uploaded content
Serious addiction
Lack of motivation of doing homework which can lead in ruining your future life
Low grades and fights with parents because of them
Leak of photos and private moments caused by will
Loss of Real, face-to-face Communication
Of, course, Facebook could have been something totally positive. If used with measure. And if we knew what measure actually is.
Me:Most of my classmates have low grades because they use Facebook all day and night.
Stupid ass bitch: I'm going to upload a photo having a great time with my current boyfriend (who will be replaced with another one soon and who I'm using for my sole profit), so that those losers will be FREAKIN JEALOUS.
by DraggyFurynado April 29, 2015

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