A place for sharing information. Specifically for people who like yellow starbursts!
yo dawg i like facebook!
by yellowstarburst November 01, 2010
Facebook is social networking,

alot of times it is used to wait time, and fufill bordum.

Facebook is a good way to "connect" with your friends & start drama. Nothing like two b**** fighting on facebook (:
Hey, can you go on facebook?
OMG, facebook is SOOOO the new myspace.
Ugh, havn't been on facebook in like 1234567890 days! :D

~ i can promise almost everyone who looks at this, has a facebook.!
by Kieferx3 March 13, 2010
where crackas go to talk to other crackas. or where weak ass bitches post pussy ass status' about them self.
C Dawg: Yo nigga you herr about dis Facebook shit nigga
J Dawg: Ya nigga dat shits fo crackas nigga
by Mother FUCKING WIL August 11, 2009
Contrary to earlier definitions, it is now open to high school students.

Much better than MySpace. It's a better protector against potential rapists.
1)My favorite website is Facebook! I'm on it all the time!

2)Yeah, the "private" option on my profile kept that dude that was following me from finding out where I live.
by facebookerforever January 18, 2009
Point blank....it's a gay ass version of Myspace.
-Do you have a Facebook?

Fuck that shit dude I have Myspace.
by K. Fitz October 06, 2008
(verb) to send someone a typed document in a Facebook message
Gwen: Can I read the next chapter in the story you're writing?
Gerard: Sure. I'll facebook it to you.
by EmoKid January 01, 2008
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