verb; meaning to use facebook, to talk with people on facebook, or do whatever it is that you enjoy doing on facebook such as procrastinating homework.
throw it into casual conversation:
"did you facebook yesterday?"
"oh yes i did"
"i enjoy facebooking"
"would you like to facebook with me later?"
#facebook #procrastinate #converse #talk #enjoyable
by pro facebooker March 01, 2010
A less complicated Myspace for people who claim that Myspace was a waste of time, when really they just didn't know how to set it up.
Jason: "Wow sandy, you just got a facebook?, how do you like it"
Sandy: "It's great Jason. It's just like Myspace except without all the colors, music, apps, skins, addictions, and all around greatness."
#myspace #face #the space #profile #friends
by Justin Alsobrook June 13, 2008
Similar to *facepalm*, except with the of the complete works of Charles Dickens, smashed into your own face.
Dubya: You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.

Dude with a brain cell: *Facebook*
#d'oh! #headdesk #face #slap #pillock
by Tom Long March 14, 2008
A place for sharing information. Specifically for people who like yellow starbursts!
yo dawg i like facebook!
#facebook #internet #social #networking #starburst
by yellowstarburst November 01, 2010
where crackas go to talk to other crackas. or where weak ass bitches post pussy ass status' about them self.
C Dawg: Yo nigga you herr about dis Facebook shit nigga
J Dawg: Ya nigga dat shits fo crackas nigga
#wil #facebook #nigga #c dawg #cracka
by Mother FUCKING WIL August 11, 2009
Contrary to earlier definitions, it is now open to high school students.

Much better than MySpace. It's a better protector against potential rapists.
1)My favorite website is Facebook! I'm on it all the time!

2)Yeah, the "private" option on my profile kept that dude that was following me from finding out where I live.
#myspace #high school #rapist #private #protection
by facebookerforever January 18, 2009
a thinking man or woman's MySpace.
MySpace is ghetto whereas Facebook is suburban.
#myspace #suburban #college #elite #true
by xoga September 10, 2008
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