A site for college and now apparently high school students. All you do is put down your info and look people up. Became an obsession to millions of students. No real reason. It is in face quite creepy and stalkerish, you will find a lot of Creepdogs on it. Creates a false sense of security as to make you believe you have "friends" because all of the people you that went to your highschool are now your "friends" even the ones you've never talked too. So enjoy it you freaks just dont be freaking creepy about it. (Also girls don't go to your boyfriends school for the weekend then facebook for 2 hrs on his computer on saturday night, it pisses him off)
1)Me: You guys are gay we have a test tomorrow and your facebooking.

Dude #1: this guy i dont know asked me to be his friend.
Dude #2: he's gay.
Dude #1: yeah
by QB 14 October 17, 2005
The reason why I can't get on with my life and put my phone down. Also where people document every action they make.
Bob: I am addicted to facebook!
Michelle: Get a life!

Bob: Wait, I need to put what you said on facebook!

Bob: *opens the facebook app*
by t_lly July 03, 2014
Facebook is the site you go to after jerking it.
Man im all worn out after that new porn site I found, better check my facebook before I crash.
by Giglerx May 13, 2013
The place where you finally get revenge on people who bothered you in the past.
(Directed at the teacher who called someone a know-it-all)
How is making a small statement supposed to be 'knowing everything?!

So that's getting revenge on Facebook.
by SomeoneNew October 18, 2012
A piece of garbage some faggot nerd made up that killed all the chances guys wanting to get laid.

Facebook did 3 things

A. Turned all girls into star wannabes, therefore all girls have a like page and all they care about is attention.

Sites like Xanga and Myspace used to be hookup sites but ever since the garbage Facebook came up it all of sudden became a " networking " site

B. Every attempt a guy makes on A girl every other girl will know about it. Hence the " mutual " friends.

One girl would meet a guy and ask his or her mutual friends how that guy is, if the mutual friend says something bad about the guy the guy is DONE.

C. Increased the amount of club promoters, a bunch of faggots that just want women inside the club meaning girls used to go to clubs to meet men, but when the discovered they are in demand for the club door, they started to just go there to get attention.

In general Facebook is a piece of garbage that destroyed chances for guys to get laid, or meet women in general

Other uses of Facebook is that it makes it extremely awkward for guys that failed after messaging a chick and meeting them in person
James: Yo man I tried talking to this girl on facebook, I think her name is Sarah or something, she is fine as fuck, I'm definitely gonna get it!

John: Forget about it man Sarah a " mutual " friend of mine already called you a player.

James: Fucking A man, sofucking A...
by Diamond Liger September 04, 2012
n. 1. A social networking site, originally desgined for college students, but has stretched out to anyone 14+ years old. This has been suggested as a safer, more fun enviroment for people to keep in touch.
2. The reason my homework is never done.
3. A book of face.
v. To interact with FaceBook in any way.This includes, but is not limited to, chatting, setting your status, checking the newsfeed, stalking, and/or logging in.
1. I keep in touch with old class mates through Facebook.
2. I forgot to do my homeworl because I was on Facebook!
3. Yoda would say a book of face instead of Facebook.
4. Dude, that guy loves to Facebook!
by Defiant Blob February 08, 2010
Ultimately, its a new step away from the ever expanding MySpace in the networking industry that has put a choke hold on so many of today's younger (perhaps, older) internet users. No longer a factor of compulsory friend prioritising or a tool for ego boosting/reducing. In the creation of this, a much friendlier yet, simpler method of networking was introduced.
Taylor: Waaaa! I'm not in your top 8.
Andy: Oh, i'm really sorry, please don't delete me and post a threatening bulletin.
Frank: I don't even know what you dopes are talking about, i've got Facebook.
by [Your Name] November 17, 2007

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