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Preppy ass bitches & sluts get all the credit for being pretty because of make-up they cake on their face.
Preppy girl: Omg like I totes love putting all this make-up on and taking 3,000 pics and posting them to Facebook while all the douchebags like it and all the other preppy sluts like me tell me I'm so pretty!!!!!!!
by I Hate Facebook. September 05, 2011
used to share info and chat with freinds
i use facebook
by wwf99 May 15, 2011
A site made for the destruction of all situational and inside humor.
M: It just comes to prove facebook is the reason we can't have nice things...once again, another joke ruined.

J: I'm sure the joke's been ruined multiple times, that's why facebook exists.
by dazthespaz November 28, 2010
(verb): To slap oneself in the face with a book; much in the same manner as facepalm, but with a more "kill-me-now" sort of attitude, as opposed to one of just mere disappointment.
When he saw his best friend and ex-girlfriend epically screw up their date, he gave no verbal responses - only a depressed sigh and a massive facebook.
by foxhead120 October 02, 2010
verb; meaning to use facebook, to talk with people on facebook, or do whatever it is that you enjoy doing on facebook such as procrastinating homework.
throw it into casual conversation:
"did you facebook yesterday?"
"oh yes i did"
"i enjoy facebooking"
"would you like to facebook with me later?"
by pro facebooker March 01, 2010
where crackas go to talk to other crackas. or where weak ass bitches post pussy ass status' about them self.
C Dawg: Yo nigga you herr about dis Facebook shit nigga
J Dawg: Ya nigga dat shits fo crackas nigga
by Mother FUCKING WIL August 11, 2009
that highly addictive drug you cant live without,a stalkers dream come true
i gotta check my facebook
by backflip ninja May 23, 2012