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A social networking site that was once ruled by teenagers, before they were overthrown by their parents and the elderly.
Grandma: "Did you see my picture of Mr. Whiskers on the Facebook?"
by Laura Q July 25, 2014
The reason why I can't get on with my life and put my phone down. Also where people document every action they make.
Bob: I am addicted to facebook!
Michelle: Get a life!

Bob: Wait, I need to put what you said on facebook!

Bob: *opens the facebook app*
by t_lly July 03, 2014
Facebook is the site you go to after jerking it.
Man im all worn out after that new porn site I found, better check my facebook before I crash.
by Giglerx May 13, 2013
n. 1. A social networking site, originally desgined for college students, but has stretched out to anyone 14+ years old. This has been suggested as a safer, more fun enviroment for people to keep in touch.
2. The reason my homework is never done.
3. A book of face.
v. To interact with FaceBook in any way.This includes, but is not limited to, chatting, setting your status, checking the newsfeed, stalking, and/or logging in.
1. I keep in touch with old class mates through Facebook.
2. I forgot to do my homeworl because I was on Facebook!
3. Yoda would say a book of face instead of Facebook.
4. Dude, that guy loves to Facebook!
by Defiant Blob February 08, 2010
Ultimately, its a new step away from the ever expanding MySpace in the networking industry that has put a choke hold on so many of today's younger (perhaps, older) internet users. No longer a factor of compulsory friend prioritising or a tool for ego boosting/reducing. In the creation of this, a much friendlier yet, simpler method of networking was introduced.
Taylor: Waaaa! I'm not in your top 8.
Andy: Oh, i'm really sorry, please don't delete me and post a threatening bulletin.
Frank: I don't even know what you dopes are talking about, i've got Facebook.
by [Your Name] November 17, 2007
A dumbass social website where people try to act hella badass and fake, girls try to look like they got booty when they don't wearing push up bras looking ass. Boys lift up they shirts tryna show off nothing but a 6 pack jelly rolls got not 6pack fat ass.
Facebook is for fags
by Ayyelino June 13, 2014
Worldwide social media network used by billions of people around the world, where you could post videos, pictures, like, comment, and more on people(s) photos.
Me: *Posts photo of me dancing to Lady Gaga*

Friend: Dude, you're weird.

Me: I know, tell me something I don't know.

Friend 2: *Likes photo*

Me: Facebook is amazing.
by hanginonaledge November 02, 2013