The place where you finally get revenge on people who bothered you in the past.
(Directed at the teacher who called someone a know-it-all)
How is making a small statement supposed to be 'knowing everything?!

So that's getting revenge on Facebook.
by SomeoneNew October 18, 2012
A piece of garbage some faggot nerd made up that killed all the chances guys wanting to get laid.

Facebook did 3 things

A. Turned all girls into star wannabes, therefore all girls have a like page and all they care about is attention.

Sites like Xanga and Myspace used to be hookup sites but ever since the garbage Facebook came up it all of sudden became a " networking " site

B. Every attempt a guy makes on A girl every other girl will know about it. Hence the " mutual " friends.

One girl would meet a guy and ask his or her mutual friends how that guy is, if the mutual friend says something bad about the guy the guy is DONE.

C. Increased the amount of club promoters, a bunch of faggots that just want women inside the club meaning girls used to go to clubs to meet men, but when the discovered they are in demand for the club door, they started to just go there to get attention.

In general Facebook is a piece of garbage that destroyed chances for guys to get laid, or meet women in general

Other uses of Facebook is that it makes it extremely awkward for guys that failed after messaging a chick and meeting them in person
James: Yo man I tried talking to this girl on facebook, I think her name is Sarah or something, she is fine as fuck, I'm definitely gonna get it!

John: Forget about it man Sarah a " mutual " friend of mine already called you a player.

James: Fucking A man, sofucking A...
by Diamond Liger September 04, 2012
A social network used for poking and friending and on. To friend to play games, (deal or no deal, great game). A way to stalk and get creeped out by people and look at peoples belated profiles, awkward! Never friend someone you don't or it will get weird!!!
"Hey John, I can't wait to facebook you the answer to the Science Test." "
by MariahCarey'sfriendnamedBob February 16, 2012
a website that used to be great in 2009 & 2010 until it got all wild with the "fancyness" & now it looks all ugly & its stalkerish ._. but i'm still addicted to it lol awk
ps it's also suppppa slooooooow. -___-
christina : yooooo zac man wz up??!??!!111?////!?? hw u doinnnn?!?!?!?!!111///??!!!!1111//one!!!!??
zac : fucking facebook noob hop off my wall *deletes her*
me : i h8 it wen ppl typ lyk diz on facebook ....
by manda hi ! November 09, 2011
Social application used for transmitting random pictures and information to people who are already involved in your daily activities and in photos with you, stalkers, and people who either live too far away or have no interest in communicating with you in real life. Other uses include looking up girls from high school and seeing if they're still hot enough to masturbate to, seeing if anyone prettier than you is commenting on your boyfriends page and posting pictures of offspring and grandchildren while secretly thinking that everyone's family but your is ugly.
See also photostalking
Her: So what made you look me up?

Him: I wanted to have sex with every girl I met in school and of the ones who accepted my friends request, you were the only one on messenger.

Her: So what have you been up to?

Him: Just touching myself while I look at your profile pics. Your newest one is hot!

Her: I didn't post any pictures this weekend since I don't have an iPhone and can only check my email when I'm supposed to be doing other things at work.

Him: You appear to be involved in a sexual act while drunk in public with another female. Even though I haven't seen you in years I would like to have intercourse with you and this stranger at the same time.

Her: I was too drunk to remember the photo being taken so everyone I declined their event requests will know I am a lush and a liar. Also, my present and future employers, significant others, and family will see the photo and that will be awkward and embarrassing for everyone!

Him: I'm going to like this photo and comment on your wall so it will appear higher on the news feed for users that select the most popular option over the most recent one. That way more people will see it before you figure out how to un-tag yourself since the layout of facebook has changed so many times.

Her: Facebook is so much fun! It makes me so much less productive and interesting! I can't keep a job, relationship or be on time but my crops never wither and I have lots of people I don't know who depend on me to send then gifts in social games!
by GRLPWRRLS August 22, 2011
To *facebook* is a way to show aggravation or frustration by hitting your forehead with a book. An alternative twist to *facepalm*ing.
Person: I forgot lost my wallet again.
Other person: *facebook*
by Doorwithin June 22, 2011
An addicting site directed for teens to waste their lives.
- Every few minutes you have to check facebook just in case you got a notification
- You have no life and are hooked on an alternate reality.
by 101pinky May 24, 2011

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