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Facebook has one of the most ironic definitions because...

1.) A website DESIGNED FOR COLLEGE students to interact with one another and easily communicate on a friendly website.
2.) A website that teenagers use to post pictures of themselves doing stupid things not meant for the internet that COLLEGE WORKERS LOOK AT and then DENY YOU OF ADMISSION because of.

So basically a website originaly meant for helping college kids is helping people get denied from college. Ironyyyyy
Lopez: "I just got into Harvard! Now I'll make a facebook so I can freind-request all my classmates!"
Steve: "Dude, some college looked at my facebook and rejected me 'cause of all my pictures of me drinkin' booze!"
by Jaded Jam Sirens October 26, 2009
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a cure for insomnia
dude 1: i cant sleep...the doc told me i suffer from insomnia and gave me meds but they dont work!

dude 2: try facebook, that'll fix ya right up!

by jash nasti February 04, 2008
12 11
verb: The act of looking at one's facebook profile to find out more information about them.
ex. 1)
Sally: That guy is so hot!
Maggie: I wonder if he's single...
Sally: I don't know, let's facebook him!

ex. 2)
Kaily: I heard Shannon and Jeff broke up last night!
Jessie: Really?! Where did you hear that?!
Kaily: well, I was facebooking him last night and I saw it on his mini-feed.
by kkeellsseeyy April 17, 2007
20 19
"A stalker's dream come true" and a misanthrope's worst fears confirmed a thousandfold. Thankfully there is one redeeming quality: more porn is plaguing the site than ever. Because the cynics responsible for the rules are beginning to realize signing a terms of service without reading it is not going to affect anyone's inclination to watch or upload fucking twerk videos.
If you scoured the entire timeline of every user to ever exist on Facebook, you could fit the posts that contain any intellectual merit on a single flash drive, and most of them would be mine.
by TheManThatYouFear April 01, 2014
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A social networking site for your real name, real schools, and the like. A good idea, in theory. In reality, nothing more than a way for people from your past who you have long since forgotten and have no interest in knowing to look you up so they can tell you how many ignorant uneducated chav kids they have now.

Witness supposedly mature adults at your college/uni/pub/job arguing and getting upset over somebody not adding them back or ignoring them etc etc...

With any luck it will dissolve and fade away like myspace and bebo etc etc.
p1: Hey, you have a facebook, we went to school together a billion years ago, I sat behind you in geography, how are you, look at my gorgeous hubby and kids, how great am I...

p2: Ackkkk, not this shit again...
by lsd-25 May 30, 2013
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The modern, digital home of the chain letter.
Don't waste time on snail mail or money on postage stamps when you can post your pointless chain letter directly to Facebook and reach millions of people in a matter of minutes.
by Enscoosne January 16, 2013
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The place where you finally get revenge on people who bothered you in the past.
(Directed at the teacher who called someone a know-it-all)
How is making a small statement supposed to be 'knowing everything?!

So that's getting revenge on Facebook.
by SomeoneNew October 18, 2012
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