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Synonym for Cancer.
Facebook is killing everyone on it.
by Domonic May 12, 2011
a place where you're friends with the people you hate
Grandma: What's Facebook?
You: It's a place where you're friends with people you know.
Grandma: I thought you hated everyone you knew.
You: Exactly!
by DancingAndy April 18, 2011
A means of communication through comments and status updates between people who have no actual desire to establish meaningful relationships with the individuals on their "friends" list in real life.
Status: Who wants to do something tonight?!

Comment: Fuck yeah let's get shittered and barf all over eachother! Oh wait, I just remembered I have to install my new toilet tonight. Sorry dude! Wanna facebook instead?
by RoyalA November 27, 2010
A website that keeps changing things pointlessly, without ever actually fixing any problems nor making up its mind; a website that can never be properly fixed.

So when a person "pulls a facebook", it means that they cannot decide one way or another, and change things to cover up the various mistakes they have made instead of applying their time to fix them.
So I totally pulled a facebook on that math test. Hopefully the teacher won't notice how I got all the problems wrong because I made everything what I thought was pretty! =D
by AnnoyedPatron November 02, 2010
1. a way for people to gossip, or boast about themselves
2. a crutch for losers

3. stalker dreamland
4. a great way for cheating spouses to reunite with skanks

from the past for ass
5. Also known as deathbook and fuckbook
Joe: Hey Bill, remember that hooker Mary from high


Bill: Oh yeah. The one that could suck a basketball through

a tennis racket...chubby cheeks and saddlebags. A

real spoiled twat!

Joe: Right! Thanks to Fuckbook, I mean Facebook, I drilled

her like the slam whore she is while her hubby was at

work and her kids were at school.
by backspinboy September 26, 2010
One of the best ways to be stalked on the internet.
People can see my school, city, and state on Facebook if I don't put it on 'Private'.
by andyslover2 September 04, 2010
A newer type of website that reveals your last name to people and lets them know your state, city, and even school. It also includes crappy apps slow messaging system, owners who try to make it more like Myspace only it is MUCH MORE watered down basically a website that will always be Myspaces bitch and nothing more!
"Hey Ted wanna stalk that one hot chick in our History Class?"
"Sure Gage I just got a Facebook today!!!"
by Kyogre Steel December 10, 2009