Where all the internet tough guys go to pick fights over nothing with people they don't even know on pages they really don't like in real life.
I love reading fights on Facebook
by CeeJayy1021 September 02, 2011
A place where people announce their problems to the world but not to the person they have the problem with.
someone's status on facebook: some people really need to learn to clean up after themselves after they eat
by casemay14 June 18, 2011
A - The new myspace for all you who are still on it.
B - A place of poking people, writing on walls, settling and starting drama/ fights and occasionaly liking random stuff.
C - The easiest way to spell addiction.
A - Welcome to Facebook!
B - I was on facbook last night with nothing better to do and put up a white flag of retreat in my poke war with nancy.
C - Speaker: Spell addiction

Normal teenager: F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K

Speaker: That is.... correct?
by smileychick June 12, 2011
It is said that more people in the world will spend around roughly 24-32 hours of their lives a week on their facebook profiles when online.
by Mark876 June 06, 2011
Synonym for Cancer.
Facebook is killing everyone on it.
by Domonic May 12, 2011
a place where you're friends with the people you hate
Grandma: What's Facebook?
You: It's a place where you're friends with people you know.
Grandma: I thought you hated everyone you knew.
You: Exactly!
by DancingAndy April 18, 2011
A means of communication through comments and status updates between people who have no actual desire to establish meaningful relationships with the individuals on their "friends" list in real life.
Status: Who wants to do something tonight?!

Comment: Fuck yeah let's get shittered and barf all over eachother! Oh wait, I just remembered I have to install my new toilet tonight. Sorry dude! Wanna facebook instead?
by RoyalA November 27, 2010

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