1. The main reason many kids and teens 9-18 years old from all over the World neglect homework and complain they don't have time to study.
2. A means used by slut asshole bitchesof both gender to camouflage the unimportance of their shitty, worthless existance and make others feel worthless and unimportant instead.
Consecuences of Facebook include, but are not limited to:
Terrible eye and neck pain
Light form of depression because of uploaded content
Serious addiction
Lack of motivation of doing homework which can lead in ruining your future life
Low grades and fights with parents because of them
Leak of photos and private moments caused by will
Loss of Real, face-to-face Communication
Of, course, Facebook could have been something totally positive. If used with measure. And if we knew what measure actually is.
Me:Most of my classmates have low grades because they use Facebook all day and night.
Stupid ass bitch: I'm going to upload a photo having a great time with my current boyfriend (who will be replaced with another one soon and who I'm using for my sole profit), so that those losers will be FREAKIN JEALOUS.
by DraggyFurynado April 29, 2015
A social media platform that has an audience who only cares about likes and follows on their profile, but that's how Twitter and Instagram are as well.
Random person: do you want to join Facebook?
Me: no way!
by xgirlybooknerdx February 27, 2015
A website used to implant into a generally socially accepted person a sense of social awkwardness, when reeled in by the relentless advertisements of 'social networking', which is actually antisocial networking.
If you create and maintain a Facebook account, you may experience any of the following:
• A pseudo-friendship with hundreds of people
• Updates on people you hate's lives
• Explosive diarrhea
• Being stalked by family members
• Headaches
Juan: Idk I feel like I have no friends man...
Hardy: Well do you have a Facebook account?
by fourfinger5s November 17, 2014
A playpen for the retarded.
Person 1: All those worthless posts people put up on facebook... it's just woeful

Person 2: Yeah they're a bunch of smack talkers
by LexieMorison March 28, 2013
The modern, digital home of the chain letter.
Don't waste time on snail mail or money on postage stamps when you can post your pointless chain letter directly to Facebook and reach millions of people in a matter of minutes.
by Enscoosne January 16, 2013
1.Thing to be blame why you fail your exams
2.Where wanksers feel they are thugs
3. A place to store your everyday life
1.OMG! I forgot to review my notes I get exams @ the morning all becos I was uploading some bunch of party photos! Damn?

2.Moron1#wall# damn dwag ma party was Hot wit da fat ass chicks
Moron2#reply# but u neve had party as long as ur retard pap is in da house
Moron1#call# what wrong wit u? U mess my wall! I wanna feel like real G
3.#facebook timeline#Awwww I can't spleep I had a nitemare or I didn't took ma bath?
by akrasy June 18, 2012
a social networking site for people(usually highschool). there are different groups on facebook; the sluts, tryhards, popular, quiet, fake, and the orignal cool people. the sluts add people they dont even know and generally have 700-3000 friends. they post inappropriate pictures of themselves with caked on make-up. the annoying ones are fat and try to make themselves look skinny. the tryhard always compliment other people and like their statuses/pictures in hopes of people liking theirs back. the popular people generaly get over 20 likes for their statuses/pics. they always post pics of themselves and say, i look ugly... :L god dammit, shut the fck up, the quiet ones dont make statuses or anything, they just stay quiet.. the fake ones(usually asians) always have makeup on and wear contact lenses and their hair are always dyed. the original cool people post statuses that are funny and smart. thats why theyre cool.
so techniclly, facebook is for fake people that only have lives on the internetand when they face the real world(out of highschool) theyre fcked.
p1:dude what were you doing last night?
P2:i was on facebook
P1:you mean fakebook?
by $#$%$%^trolling February 16, 2012
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