A site that makes you feel like shit about being single
::Tom logging on to Facebook news feed::
10 friends just updated their status to "Married"

40 year old virgin Tom: ugh.
by iyiljilk December 27, 2011
Website made to distract students from studying, homework, and school projects.
Student 1: Dude!!! I forgot to study last night because I was on facebook!!!

Student 2: Haha, sucks for you! My parents won't let me make a facebook!
by booty-raider December 21, 2011
An internet site that swallows up your time. It's highly addictive and a haven for stalkers. Everyone has a 'profile'.
Person 1: I added her on facebook that night!
Person 2: Dude, you're such a stalker
by wa1kingdicti0nary December 19, 2011
1. An excuse to stalk people

2. A public diary where people feel the need to post everything going on in their lives

3. Popularity contest for teens and even some adults

4. Virtual wonderland for pediphiles (regardless of them having creepy pictures, and no information available, are still finna get added)
Billy: Hey, wanna go and do something productive?

Dirk: Nahh. I'm finna post a status on Facebook about how I just finished tying my shoes, and wait to see how many people liked it.
by racecar34567896 October 28, 2011
The successor to MySpace, a 2000's decade format, that from my perspective, is superior, for you can genuinely communicate with friends and family.
As MySpace is to the 2000s, Facebook is to the 2010s.
by kyw3directconn October 21, 2011
an addictive shit-hole where people in from either school or work add you. stalkers dream in other words.
person 1 on le phone typing
person 2: what are you doing?
person 1: I'm on Facebook.
by usernameforurbandictionary September 14, 2011
Where all the internet tough guys go to pick fights over nothing with people they don't even know on pages they really don't like in real life.
I love reading fights on Facebook
by CeeJayy1021 September 02, 2011

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