When your university teacher hits you in the face with one or several large books due to the fact that you had been procrastinating an assignment - usually while online.
Person one: Dude, Mr. Grimaldo is crazy! I was got a 67 on my test and he smacked me in the face with physics 101!

Person two: Were you online yesterday?

Person one: Yeah...

Person two: You just got facebooked!
by Delta 2777 March 20, 2009
The good kids MySpace. Usually dominated by more cleaned up kids than MySpace. They are generally in sports and other activities in their school, get good grades, and are planning on going to some type of post secondary education. They are also more involved in their church and their community. A lot of kids on there are middle to high class. National Honor Society and Student Council is also on facebook more often.

Kids on MySpace generally are only in one sport or not in anything, but they like to do creative stuff on their own, such as write music, storys, draw, make films, make beats. The kids are more edgier and after high school they are more likely to join the military or get a job than go to college. Rarely a university like Facebook but a community or technical college to learn a trade.

You will never find a scene kid on Facebook...it is too preppy for them and they can't show off their anime.
by Dopeman23 February 13, 2009
1. An online networking website available to Highschoolers and College people (some middle schoolers who lie and say they are in high school use it too (i know i did!). Allows people who have already finished school to keep connected with classmates. Some businesses choose to use Facebook for business things. FB also offers a page for your business, including hours of business, events, contact information and pictures to upload.
2. good website for procrastination and not getting homework done. it is pretty addictive and some people even set it as their homepage for when they open their computer
3. things to do on FB: there are some applications you can add to your profile in order to make your Facebook experience better. these applications are Bumper Sticker, Photos, Videos, Gifts, Pages, etc.
I was on Facebook last night, therefore, i got nothing done!
I changed my Facebook status, check it out!
Ahhhh! facebook email is filling up my inbox!
by Sweeney Todd2010 January 03, 2009
The true origin of procrastination
I got this math homework, along with chemistry and....awww, who am I kidding? Im going on Facebook.
by Toppet May 26, 2016
A social networking website used widely by many moms. Addictive.
My mom won't get the heck off of Facebook!
by http://www.vroll.net April 14, 2016
A social media website that, because of its lack of vote-based sorting, is full of shitty, low quality, low-effort posts. The main reason that many people even use Facebook is because it's the most popular social media, so their friends will most likely have one.
I went on to browse Facebook because I was bored, but there were no posts other than top 10 lists and selfies.
by saxxyhale987 March 26, 2016
A unimatrix whereby weak minds can gather to form opinions and solve world problems via a keyboard, mouse and ALL CAPS.

A place a social non-interaction for socially awkward simple-minded people.

A space where a self-centered persons dream come true - for all to see.
I Facebooked you as my friend so now I never need to speak with you...Ill just type.
by IGotOne October 14, 2015
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