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An internet web site created by collegiate snobs for collegiate snobs, which has since been opened up to the masses for advertising and data collection purposes.
"I joined Facebook because everyone else did."
by NOSliwes November 20, 2009
1. An online networking website available to Highschoolers and College people (some middle schoolers who lie and say they are in high school use it too (i know i did!). Allows people who have already finished school to keep connected with classmates. Some businesses choose to use Facebook for business things. FB also offers a page for your business, including hours of business, events, contact information and pictures to upload.
2. good website for procrastination and not getting homework done. it is pretty addictive and some people even set it as their homepage for when they open their computer
3. things to do on FB: there are some applications you can add to your profile in order to make your Facebook experience better. these applications are Bumper Sticker, Photos, Videos, Gifts, Pages, etc.
I was on Facebook last night, therefore, i got nothing done!
I changed my Facebook status, check it out!
Ahhhh! facebook email is filling up my inbox!
by Sweeney Todd2010 January 03, 2009
adjective; a "tool", or someone with no life and a small shmeckzel.
"dude you're so facebook"
"suck my facebook"
"you son of a facebook"
by Pat Toma January 02, 2008
A playpen for the retarded.
Person 1: All those worthless posts people put up on facebook... it's just woeful

Person 2: Yeah they're a bunch of smack talkers
by LexieMorison March 28, 2013
To spread one's asscheeks and close them on someone's nose while they are sleeping.
My boy Tre facebooked my roomate Adrian while he sleeping.
by Lordter June 26, 2012
1.Thing to be blame why you fail your exams
2.Where wanksers feel they are thugs
3. A place to store your everyday life
1.OMG! I forgot to review my notes I get exams @ the morning all becos I was uploading some bunch of party photos! Damn?

2.Moron1#wall# damn dwag ma party was Hot wit da fat ass chicks
Moron2#reply# but u neve had party as long as ur retard pap is in da house
Moron1#call# what wrong wit u? U mess my wall! I wanna feel like real G
3.#facebook timeline#Awwww I can't spleep I had a nitemare or I didn't took ma bath?
by akrasy June 18, 2012
(noun) The destroyer of awk barriers.
John: How did you decide to ask her out? It must have been awkward.
Bill: I just used Facebook.
by Annie Ratliff March 28, 2012