Facebook, it's a place where you put your face in a book. Letting people masturbate to it.
Vag-i-na puts her face in book, "Facebook", then suddenly, W-a-ng, sees it and then he masturbates to it.
by I<3Puss-ee-s August 09, 2010
The easiest, cheapest, dirtiest way of creating drama and advertising it to the world.
Guy #1: Dude I hate that girl in that class... Im going to post a status on Facebook referenceing to her but not using her name, and make it obvious its her. Then ill notate every small things wrong about her and make her feel like shit by displaying it to the world.

Guy #2: O.O...
Guy #2: Your a twisted SoB... >_>
by Dr crayzee July 08, 2010
An album of all the people Ive fucked.
Boy: Dirty blonde at 8 o'clock

Girl: Her? She's in my Facebook.

Boy: you fucked her?!
by 2cute4you! March 04, 2010
internet's version of Jerry Springer for some people.
Facebook has become a venue to seriously screw people over with an audience of 500+ contacts without actually facing individuals. For example, contacting ex lovers on thier current spouse's facebook page, or blasting friends and family in status statements.
by Raven6768 February 05, 2010
The ultimate creeping/procastinating tool. Also home to the infamous FarmVille.
"I spent all last night looking at this hot girl's photos on Facebook when I was supposed to be writing a report."
"Aw man! My cow died on Farmville!"
by Creepingprocastinator January 23, 2010
Facebook is a online site where you can add people you know check there pictures, write on there wall, ect. you can also play games like farmville.
(i click onto my friends facebook profile)
Me : hey u want to go to the cinema later?
-20 mins later-
her: okay sure. what time
me: erm now if u like. the film starts in 20 mins. ly
her: cya there.
by Chelsiee December 05, 2009
stalker's paradise
It's so easy for stalkers nowadays; with twitter, facebook, and myspace, they can get all of our information!
by theycallmejew November 30, 2009

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