Another reason why homework never gets done
I do want to do my pre-algebra homework, but there's Facebook...
by Sir Tablature November 16, 2010
A place where a bunch of Pedos, Slutty girls, and bad parents waste their lives away talking to walls, putting millions of photos up, stalking girls, playing shitty games and also where murderers find their prey.
I need to do an assignment.. meh.. Time for facebook.
by Dylbinator October 11, 2010
The new fad social-site where one can post photos to show they've a social life, add people they barely know to bulk up their ''friends list'' & post pointless statuses.

...Basically another Bebo/Myspace that is doomed from the start
Guy1 status: ''had the nicest steak for dinner today''
Friends comment: ''yeah? cool was it nice''
Guy1: ''unbelievable, hey did you get those photos up from last night that we specifically took for facebook, man our weekend ruled...HEY EVERYBODY OUR WEEKEND WAS UNBELIEVABLE''
by abba123 September 30, 2010
1. a way for people to gossip, or boast about themselves
2. a crutch for losers

3. stalker dreamland
4. a great way for cheating spouses to reunite with skanks

from the past for ass
5. Also known as deathbook and fuckbook
Joe: Hey Bill, remember that hooker Mary from high


Bill: Oh yeah. The one that could suck a basketball through

a tennis racket...chubby cheeks and saddlebags. A

real spoiled twat!

Joe: Right! Thanks to Fuckbook, I mean Facebook, I drilled

her like the slam whore she is while her hubby was at

work and her kids were at school.
by backspinboy September 26, 2010
Its February 2004, in some deserted area near Cambridge, Massachusetts a light is seen heading towards the Earth. It turns out to be a small meteor, it crashes into the ground. Soon after, a few human lifeforms come out. They make their way down to the city, and observe the everyday people, in which they come up with the idea to form some sort of networking circle using computers, which inevitably spirals out of control. It was only meant for a certain band of people to interact in the beginning, now everybody can use it, thus the epidemic and lack of socialness began throughout the world.

General areas where people used to go and have some fun are now ghost towns, the only activity area is at night at the nearest bar/club of addicted facebookers getting shitfaced taking about 3000 pictures pretty much exactly the same and uninteresting, eagerly awaiting to put them on facebook when they have recovered and get some positive comments. At the same time exam results, school, and real life in general suffer.

It is a pointless popularity contest to see how many friends people can add, 99% of which you'll never speak to now or barely know in real life. Also great for chasing someone you like without even having to say a word in person, just search their name and bingo, hot guy/girl is now on my radarz.

Don't get sucked in like many others, you'll be thankful you didn't, as you'll be one of the real life people and not the fake ones who class facebook as real life.
Guy: Whoa! Did you see what happened to Jake last night at Vintage Bar, I saw it on Bobs Facebook, you should see my comment and the photos.
Real person: Why would I care about that, fuck off and go stick your penis up their arses online, I've got a life to live.
Guy: That's well going on Facebook!
by IfYouWantBloodYouGotIt September 15, 2010
A social network site that is home to stalkers, rapist, child molesters, teenagers (more girls than boys), collage students, and 8-12 year olds who think its cool to friend random people and will most likey fall victim to a rapist/child molesters due to ignorance of false advertising queers.

And is now becoming home to more stalker/rapists/child molesters because of the new thing coming to their site: a locater that tells where people facebooking on their cell phones or laptops (mobile) are, almost the exact location. coming sometime late 2010 or in 2011 i think.
Smart guy: whoever invented facebook must like allowing people to find other people to stalk/rape/child molest, also its for loser and, according to UD, college kids.

Duhm girl: No, Face book is cool i have like 19539 friends!

Smart guy: do you know any of them?

Duhm girl: uh only 6 or 7.

Smart guy: well have fun getting stalked/ raped/child molested, girl that looks hot but actually is stupid.
by Waffles492 August 20, 2010
Facebook is a shallow and unreliable electronic repository of dirty pictures, inaccurate rumors, bad spelling and worse grammar, inhabited largely by people with no demonstrable social skills.
Friend 1: Hey wassup?
Friend 2: I have lots of friends and you don't have friends because you don't have a facebook! HAHAHA!

Stupid Girl Talking Over Phone 1: So I'll see you in FB?
by Pepolshet August 10, 2010

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