Is what you and I do everyday and finally realize you need a life.
Facebooker1: Oh man, last night I was on facebook all day playing MOBSTERS and FARMVILLE and stalking people I barely know.
Facebooker2: Me too!
Facebooker1: We need lives...
by Ashleyy? December 21, 2009
An annoying website that emails that blah has added the blah appilcation. The applications are hard to add/remove. Juat another myspace/bebo
EMAIL: you have just recived new email!
YOU: oh yay maybe it's my sick sister
EMAIL: facebook- blah has added the blah application to their profile!
YOU: wow, i really don't care
by username___ June 10, 2008
A cyber universe that's officially lost its mind.
"Kim, I think facebook's going beserk. Pretty soon you're going to be able to add an application to purchase online caskets."
by mergirltwirls June 13, 2007
The only book teenagers read these days.
Ciera: I'm addicted to facebook.

Cheyenne: So am I. It's the only book I read anymore.

Ciera: Good one.
by nopantszone August 02, 2010
An excellent website for stalking people you find attractive and judging the popularity of others. You can try make yourself look cooler by puting up about 30 photos of yourself at every social event you went to, and making "friends" with everyone you might have glimpsed at.
Jimmy's mom: Facebook sure is great. It allows you to contact all of your old friends and make new friends!

Jimmy: Oh yea...right...
by Dillweed2 June 26, 2010
1) Easy place to go see pictures of half-naked, sometimes FULLY naked girls, who are sometimes your friends, but you don't say anything about it to anyone else.

2) Something you hear screamed a loud when young American teen girls get drunk and take pictures of themselves, other popular things shouted include "MYSPACE!" , "DEFAULT!", and "FUCK ME" if you're good looking like I am.
1) "Fuck, my porn videos aren't working, and Jean is a fat slut I don't want her over here...time to check out facebook"

2) Girl 1: "OMG SMILEEEEE"
by 1337 Fork January 03, 2008
death to grades
WHenever I use facebook, my grades drop
by fbooker May 09, 2010

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