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An online network open to college students at certain universities. Students make up their own profiles which include a picture, name, birthdate, interests, and classes. They can then search for other students at their university or another university that has the facebook. One can add people they know or random people as their "friends."

Good for:
1.) Procrastinating
2.) Stalking
Scenario 1:
Girl: Last night I didn't get any work done because I was looking at facebook all night!

Scenario 2:
Girl 1: I found that really hot guy from our history class on facebook last night!
Girl 2: Really?!
Girl 1: Yeah! His name is insert name here, he's in insert classes here, he's single and is looking for a relationship, friendship, dating, random play, or anything he can get! (options under relationship status and what one is looking for)
by Amanda November 05, 2004
(verb) to send someone a typed document in a Facebook message
Gwen: Can I read the next chapter in the story you're writing?
Gerard: Sure. I'll facebook it to you.
by EmoKid January 01, 2008
this website is meant for UNIVERSITIES and COLLEGES.

it's not meant for fucking ninth graders, or anyone in high school for that matter..
high school kid #1: ahhhhh! facebook is so addictive!!!
high school kid #2: HEHE i know i LOVE it!!!!!!!
university student: Oh god.. what fucking losers. these kids should just stay on myspace.
by poo... November 15, 2006
A wannabe myspace.
It makes people think they are
more sophisticated than those with myspaces.
sally: i just made a facebook!
jane: you freakin douche. Nobody interesting has a facebook!
sally: i was just trying to be sophisticated :(

jane: you're fired from life. get a myspace.
by sarah_oh April 28, 2008
1)The better version of MySpace.
2)A place for teens to communicate.
3)An online community.
4)A place where you aren't welcome unless you are a high school student of high autority or high social class.
1) Damn, that bitch still uses MySpace. Why doesnt she just get a fuckin Facebook already?
2) Hey you're going on Facebook tonight, right?
3) Facebook is better than our school's site, even though they try to make it an "online community".
a)Dang, that hoe is in 7th grade and has a facebook. Fuck her.
b)Dude, Albert's Mom is on Facebook. Now he cant post his pics of last nights fuck-off contest.
c)Crap that kid from the chess team got a facebook! Now its like, not even COOL anymore.
by BlegahTheNiggah October 09, 2007
The Boring Persons Myspace
"i'm too cool and mature for Myspace, so i use Facebook its like myspace but without the scene kids" - Lame
by Chazzy_D August 20, 2007
fuck myspace, but only get a facebook when your in high school, college, or when your an adult no one wants fuckin whiny little middle schoolers on there.
Middle School Kid: I just got the new Green Day song on my myspace profile!!!!! And i even changed my name on there to be h@rDc0r3.

High School Kid: Wow, really? Your awesome I wish I was as cool as you. At least people actually know who I am because I use my real name and I dont stand in the mirror and hold up my camera and pose and take a picture. Pff fag.

get a facebook.
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009
The social networking website that is inferior to MySpace for numerous reasons:

1. You cannot customize your profile page with colors or themes (unless you want white).
2. People see your real name, school, etc.
3. There's no blog; just NOTES.
4. You can't find photographers and filmmakers.
5. You can't find bands easily.
6. Your junior high school boyfriend who was an asshole to you can find you!
7. All the people you hated in high school can track you down, and act like they were always your best friend.

That's just for starters.
1. Facebook sucks! I can't even choose to have a BLACK background with WHITE text.
2. I have no anonymity on Facebook. Maybe I don't want the general public to see my last name!
3. I'm sorry you missed out on what's happening in my life; if Facebook had a blog, you'd be able to stay updated.
4. Whenever I try to look up artists, filmmakers, comedians, or bands, I rarely find them on Facebook.
5. It's hard to find obscure and unsigned bands on Facebook. They always give you 3,000,000 entries of people who said they LIKE that artist. Irrelevant!
6. You'll never find ME, Tony!
7. GIRL #1: Like, OMG! I can't believe it's you! Remember, I sat behind you in Chemistry sophomore year!
GIRL #2: Yeah, I remember, you called me a dyke and made fun of who my favorite band was. You also said I was a freak.
GIRL #1: Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! Great times, huh?
by kvinnan86 January 26, 2009