A playpen for the retarded.
Person 1: All those worthless posts people put up on facebook... it's just woeful

Person 2: Yeah they're a bunch of smack talkers
by LexieMorison March 28, 2013
n. 1. A social networking site, originally desgined for college students, but has stretched out to anyone 14+ years old. This has been suggested as a safer, more fun enviroment for people to keep in touch.
2. The reason my homework is never done.
3. A book of face.
v. To interact with FaceBook in any way.This includes, but is not limited to, chatting, setting your status, checking the newsfeed, stalking, and/or logging in.
1. I keep in touch with old class mates through Facebook.
2. I forgot to do my homeworl because I was on Facebook!
3. Yoda would say a book of face instead of Facebook.
4. Dude, that guy loves to Facebook!
by Defiant Blob February 08, 2010
Ultimately, its a new step away from the ever expanding MySpace in the networking industry that has put a choke hold on so many of today's younger (perhaps, older) internet users. No longer a factor of compulsory friend prioritising or a tool for ego boosting/reducing. In the creation of this, a much friendlier yet, simpler method of networking was introduced.
Taylor: Waaaa! I'm not in your top 8.
Andy: Oh, i'm really sorry, please don't delete me and post a threatening bulletin.
Frank: I don't even know what you dopes are talking about, i've got Facebook.
by [Your Name] November 17, 2007
A social media alot of people USED to go to
those kids got on facebook
via giphy
by FEEDMOVE January 10, 2016
When your mad at someone and you hit them in the face with a book
Matt was getting on my nerves so I facebooked him
by the buyt November 12, 2014
that highly addictive drug you cant live without,a stalkers dream come true
i gotta check my facebook
by backflip ninja May 23, 2012
used to share info and chat with freinds
i use facebook
by wwf99 May 15, 2011
A site made for the destruction of all situational and inside humor.
M: It just comes to prove facebook is the reason we can't have nice things...once again, another joke ruined.

J: I'm sure the joke's been ruined multiple times, that's why facebook exists.
by dazthespaz November 28, 2010
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