The modern, digital home of the chain letter.
Don't waste time on snail mail or money on postage stamps when you can post your pointless chain letter directly to Facebook and reach millions of people in a matter of minutes.
by Enscoosne January 16, 2013
A web site where you go to see how fat and ugly all of your old "friends" have become and to see how many babies the fine bitches from HS school have shit out. A place to read stupid ass comments about how much being a parent is a pain in the ass. A website for losers.
My social life consists of reading comments on Facebook.
by abc123 don't touch me! February 05, 2010
A popular website where one can join the most pointless groups. Usually, these groups are associated with the boring things done in everyday life. News that your "friends" have joined these groups tend to infest your homepage, and tempt you to join or create a group along the lines of "I am tired of the pointless facebook groups".
I have nothing better to do right now, therefore I'm joining the "I tend to use a spoon to eat soup and cereal" group on Facebook.
by Assclownfd January 23, 2010
the biggest waist of time. the reason for missed assignments, poor tests results.
a lonely boys best friend.
John! its 7:30, lets hurry home and add that person we just met on facebook!
by naomiDova May 05, 2008
Pronunciation ; Face-Book (noun)

An online networking website where people with no lives meet up and pretend that they do have lives. A stalkers dream come true.
Can also be used to pick fights, annoy random people and impersonate naive unsuspecting souls.
Alternatively, it can also be used as an extremely lame conversation starter.
Bimbo #1 - Heyyyyyyyy!!! are you there on facebook ?
Guy - No. I have a life.

Pervert - Hey kid add me to facebook =) i want to be your friend
by Hattaf Ansari May 03, 2008
A social networking website where new parents go to show off photos of their new sex trophies. Rarely used as a form of direct communication. Over-saturated with lame applications that are impossible to block due to new ones being released every 30 seconds or so. Constantly nags users to add as many friends as possible, even though the recommended additions are usually complete strangers. Features chat system which rarely works. Retains 100% of users' information and photos even after the deletion of their account, mainly because it has been permanently archived on a server inside the CIA's headquarters for future analysis.
Hey look another picture of Jen's kid on Facebook. :yawn:
by DeskFlyer December 19, 2009
I believes facebook was created by the devil himself to destroy lives, crush reality and rip the living souls from good people as well as bad, hopefully, one day, it will be returned to its rightful owner and the good people will be allowed to live loving and beautiful lives instead of perpetual torment caused by the uncaring, insensitive people who flit around on the outskirts of their lives just waiting to pounce
facebook causes marriage breakdown, relationship crises, and it's a paedophiles paradise
by hldtim August 06, 2009
A website that was formerly used for College and University students, but now High School students are allowed to use it. Since then, a bunch of 13 year olds that think they are in High School have invaded facebook and turned it into a site where they can post all of their slutty pictures.
Facebook was cool before those kids showed up and ruined it.
by weeeeeeeee April 01, 2007
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