The modern, digital home of the chain letter.
Don't waste time on snail mail or money on postage stamps when you can post your pointless chain letter directly to Facebook and reach millions of people in a matter of minutes.
by Enscoosne January 16, 2013
The digital holocaust.
The amount of social lives that have been lost to Facebook is creeping close to a billion.
by Schnitterbit January 14, 2011
an impeder of productivity.
facebook ruined my life.
by dellcomp321 December 10, 2006
the fucking worst thing ever invented
Man, I wish I was born 20 years earlier. Fuck Facebook in the face!!!
by fuckfacebookintheface July 19, 2010
A online website that used to be a better alternative to myspace, but now has become just as bad with the recent addition of junior college kids & high schoolers.

its the perfect place to stalk anyone you have seen around campus now that there is a constantly updated "status" where one can post what they are doing that EXACT moment ie. showering, studying, eating or whatever....
now one can also tell everyone how they met each and everyone of their friends.. making it possible to pretend like you know someone you have never met in your life.

all of the above has just become a complete joke and people enter fake "status" entries and make up random inside jokes for how they met their friends like, "we hooked up in 1955 and it was GREAT!"

everyone girl it seems on facebook is married or a lesbian...

people try to make themselves look cool by belonging to random inside joke groups proclaiming how they hate greek, or hate goths..

'the wall' is the same thing as myspace comments... and thats the only useful part of faceboook. its a way to keep track of things you drunkenly did in college. you remember friday night only through the posts your friends made on your wall.

people encorporate facebook into everyday conversations.
when a person says something particularly witty or funny.. it will soon become a facebook quote.
"facebook quote of the year"

"thats totally gonna be my new facebook album default pic"

"facebook group war"
by SBKAT July 31, 2006
The ultimate symbol of America's out of control narcissism. Quite possibly the largest waste of time in existence.
Courtney's Facebook status indicates that she is waiting for work to be over.

You mean like 250 million other Americans? Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck.

by Patrick McClatchey February 15, 2009
A social networking site that is commonly used to get in touch with friends from high school that you were supposedly *never going to see again*. Also used to get in contact with people that you just met last week(thank God you remembered their name). Facebook is very popular and used by most college students.

Facebook is pretty cool, until you realize the vast majority of your "Friends" won't return your messages, write on your wall, or comment on your photos. And God forbid you look at someone else's photos, comment on any of them, or write on anybody's wall that you didn't have sleepovers in preschool with because then you will be a "Facebook stalker".
Random Chick #1: "OMG, I totally just got a facebook! So, like, now, I can hang out with, like, everybody I went to high school with!"

Random Guy: "They're going to ignore you, stupid."
by protectmeaura December 20, 2006
A place originally for students, until the floodgates were opened and a lot of spelling and grammar challenged people flowed onto the site.

Most members post droll status updates, which most of the iliterate facebook masses are arrogant enough to think their 'friends' will actually read and give a shit about. Members will also post pictures of themselves and their friends in bars or other nondescript social settings doing nothing in particular apart from smiling or in some kind of bemusing pose against a backdrop of borglike drones, then they will follow that up later in the 'album' by the obligatory end of the night drunk shot of someone smiling. These photos will be 'tagged' and the person who posted the pictures 'friends' will LOL about how funny it all was.

Facebook also offers groups where members can share ill-informed opinions, and 'applications' which are really just stupid quizzes which require the member to answer several multiple-choice questions then spam their 'friends' to find out "What kind of car or dog they would be." Members also participate in games that would be considered puerile by any self-respecting four year old.

Facebook is stultifying due to its members who have eschewed real-life communication for this site. Facebook destroys your soul.
Guy1: Do you want to go out and like... do something tonight?
Guy2: Nah, I'm just gonna stay in and go on facebook and chat... I've got to post up the pictures from the last time we went out and actually did something that required face to face communication. Hey, I'll play you on Bowling Buddies LOL"
by michaelftm2 September 17, 2008

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