fuck myspace, but only get a facebook when your in high school, college, or when your an adult no one wants fuckin whiny little middle schoolers on there.
Middle School Kid: I just got the new Green Day song on my myspace profile!!!!! And i even changed my name on there to be h@rDc0r3.

High School Kid: Wow, really? Your awesome I wish I was as cool as you. At least people actually know who I am because I use my real name and I dont stand in the mirror and hold up my camera and pose and take a picture. Pff fag.

get a facebook.
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009
A social network that must be destroyed.
Facebook friends are just my internet friends. Most of them don't mean shit to me and I find myself on it everyday.
by D-techtive April 06, 2010
a MMORPG where players compete to collect the most "friends" by stalking other players, posting status updates and photos, and playing mini-MMORPGs like Farmville, Mafia Wars and (fluff)Friends.
"I spend two hours a day on facebook, and I have 1,600 friends (98% of whom I never speak to in RL). In other words, my e-peen is bigger than yours."
by gracefool February 07, 2010
A semi-useful social networking site that's a decent way of reaching certain people and tracking down acquaintances you don't talk to very often. Also valuable if you enjoy reading people's status updates, such as important breaking news like "Arthur is at home" and "Serena can't wait for the weekend."
Jimmy is having marginal success with using Facebook to fuck chicks

I'm still getting friend requests from high school acquaintances on Facebook. That site is so 2007.
by Lazarus Ciccone July 24, 2008
A social network where the word stalking should be really analyzed and thought out before actually coming up with a definition for facebook stalking. How is it any different when one person constantly monitors another person's every move on facebook reading the person's blogs, photos, posts, newsfeed etc... When one hundred other people (facebook friends) have access to the same exact information the person puts out? Alot of times when people become facebook friends they are not actually friends. They are just giving each other permission to read each other's profile. Facebook is also highschool bullshit. Alot of people caught in it are even people who graduated highschool ten years ago. And then there's all these fringe artists, musicians, comedians wanting people to join their self loathing fan club. Then there's those facebook people who feel the need to have the most facebook friends. Sometimes when people send friend requests it's only because the person knows a certain amount or group of people that they know.
"What's so great about Facebook"?

"It doesn't take forever to load like Myspace and it's not limited to just college students anymore"

"He and she would like you to join please stop Facebook from becoming a paysite"

"I appreciate the invite but I hardly ever log on to Facebook. Basically I don't give a shit."
by ispeaklatin December 07, 2009
A website where fake girls can "write on each other's walls" saying how much they "LOVE" each other. In addition to this, Facebook is a place where people post random pictures and status updates that no one gives a shit about anyways. Facebook is also great for annoying teenagers that always add in on other people's wall post conversation, just so that they can maybe get some attention because they feel neglected that no one will comment on their new photo album titled "Panama City Beach with family!" or "My new bass guitar!".
This great website is also a place where you can stalk anyone you want at any given time. As if Myspace wasn't enough...
(Typical teenage status update):

Karen: "OMG I HATE my life!!! Everything sucks.. :("

Thom: uhh..... why would you broadcast this facebook...

(Another status update):

Joe: YES! I just beat Modern Warfare 2 in 4 hours on Veteran!!!

Brad: ... does anyone care?
by Spazzx April 27, 2010
a social networking site where you log in to take quizzes and post the results in everyone's homepage - eventhough no one is interested with it.

--It is also where you learn to delete friends because of their endless post of their quiz results with their comments about it... that you have nothing to do with.
Facebook Homepage:

(insert name here) took the quiz "How stupid are you?" and the result is you're stupid! roflmao

by make it blank April 25, 2009
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