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fuck myspace, but only get a facebook when your in high school, college, or when your an adult no one wants fuckin whiny little middle schoolers on there.
Middle School Kid: I just got the new Green Day song on my myspace profile!!!!! And i even changed my name on there to be h@rDc0r3.

High School Kid: Wow, really? Your awesome I wish I was as cool as you. At least people actually know who I am because I use my real name and I dont stand in the mirror and hold up my camera and pose and take a picture. Pff fag.

get a facebook.
by ayoforkayo January 27, 2009
18 35
need to get on fb with websense
i need facebook logon around websense
by toyotanikki January 23, 2009
3 34
Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.
by Anna Bella Rosie March 19, 2009
6 39
The coolest internet site on the web. Talk with your friends on instant chat or write them a wall post or inbox. There is a bunch of cool stuff. Myspace is a booty call and twitter is for people with nothing else better to do!
I went on my Facebook last night and had so many notifications!
by xoxobabe224 January 16, 2010
6 40
A social networking site, similar to myspace, et. al that is usable ONLY by certain college students and highschoolers. In other words, a private little elitest club for students afraid to leave their campuses, even online. Hard to believe, but there are interesting people in this world who aren't in college! -crowd gasps-
Dude, facebook is cooler than myspace - there's no ads!

I shoulda written that essay instead of facebooking last night.
by kirE April 23, 2006
67 110
A phenomenon that has become so cliche and preppy that it's much more cooler NOT to be on facebook
Facebook is the equivalent of watching MTV, listening to 50 Cent, and watching reality TV shows
by god April 29, 2005
255 329
Giving a man oral sex while reciting lines from a book or story so as to create vibrations along the man's penis, providing extra stimulation.
"Dude, after the LotR signing session, I found this drunk chick who actually gave me a facebook!"
50 132
1. to make a hard shoot in someones face

2. an expression you can read off sum1 face

3. a new expression for asking for head,blow job,knowledge,brains,neck,bj,
1. after a made basket in basketball yell out "FACEBOOK"

2. damn ya boy got that facebook right now he look like he gonna puke.

3. yo ma whats good with that facebook later
by April 27, 2006
22 137