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when a sexual relationship between two people gets serious enough that it can be entered under a facebook relationship so that everyone in the world can see
boy 1: so you mean that you hu with that girl again, dude this is like the third time in the last week
boy 2: yeah, we are getting pretty serious, i think we are about to become facebook worthy
by coolkid812 June 10, 2006
36 13
The point in which something is cool/amazing enough for someone to put it on facebook.
This is not facebook worthy
by thatguynon July 22, 2011
3 1
An event, photo, rumor, or other happening that is worthy of posting on your Facebook profile for everyone to see.
"I just partied, drank scotch & sang karaoke all night with guys and their Korean servant girl harem in their mob lair without paying a single yen. It was definitely a Facebookworthy evening."
by Travitron December 03, 2008
6 4