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someone who posts status just for attention and or to see how many likes it gets. also acts completely different on the internet than in person. normally a man whore or douche back that only wants ass, yet is still a virgin.
Caleb; DUDE! i just got 56 likes on a status about my broken heart!

Sam; well, i got 158 likes on my status because i called my girlfriend's mom a wench!


Both; *puts pussy status talking about how heart broke they are over a girl they've know for 2 days, or how big of a whore they are.*

Everyone on facebook; "what a couple of facebook whores."
by camelcruchinpussymonster69 August 01, 2011
Someone who's life revolves round facebook, adding people they barely know or don't know at all to artificially exaggerate their freind count. Spend 90% of their time awake on facebook
"DUDE, go out and get some real friends"
"He cant man, he's a facebook whore"
by fromie lad January 08, 2009
someone who adds random people that have only heard of or

there friends met along time ago and have alot of people they dont know
when someone has 1000 friends and they really only have 100 that they no because they cant live with knowing there losers that is a face book whore
by johnpppppppppppp December 03, 2009
A person who freinds there freinds freinds and even there freinds just because there freinds of there freinds
My little brother is such a Facebook Whore he freinded his best freinds ex girlfreinds
by immortal jack August 22, 2011
a girl who is abnormally addicted to facebook and cannot sign off even if her cat was trapped in a hole and needed her assistance immediately
damn bro jensen is such a facebook whore
by homieG696969 April 01, 2010
either man or women who accept friend requests from people they dont know, or request to be friends with people they dont know. Both in excessive amounts.
"dude, who's this chick?"

"i dont know, someone"

"what a facebook whore you are"
by noodleking6767 March 29, 2009
A person who meets people on facebook, and then hooks up with them. In contrast to facebook stalker.
Jess is such a facebook whore. She keeps hooking up with all these guys she met on facebook!
by littlestranger November 07, 2006