The feeling one gets when excessively posting comments on a lot of friend's photos, videos, etc. Can be used with any excessive Facebook interaction.
"Man, Tyler is such a Facebook whore, he comments and likes every single post of his friends."

"Yeah. Yesterday he liked a cooking video that I posted for my mother."
by HubbyNight September 16, 2011
A girl that always takes pictures of herself, even when she gets new glasses....oh and her name is Kaye
"Wow she is a true Facebook Whore"!!!!!!
by HAHAHKAYE August 19, 2011
someone who posts status just for attention and or to see how many likes it gets. also acts completely different on the internet than in person. normally a man whore or douche back that only wants ass, yet is still a virgin.
Caleb; DUDE! i just got 56 likes on a status about my broken heart!

Sam; well, i got 158 likes on my status because i called my girlfriend's mom a wench!


Both; *puts pussy status talking about how heart broke they are over a girl they've know for 2 days, or how big of a whore they are.*

Everyone on facebook; "what a couple of facebook whores."
by camelcruchinpussymonster69 August 01, 2011
a person who comments on EVERYTHING and lurks on every possible status, picture, album, etc.
by nicole carnevale May 01, 2011
someone who likes/comments on everything on facebook
god another notification from mike, hes a real facebook whore.
by volfan96 February 23, 2011
Someone who's life revolves round facebook, adding people they barely know or don't know at all to artificially exaggerate their freind count. Spend 90% of their time awake on facebook
"DUDE, go out and get some real friends"
"He cant man, he's a facebook whore"
by fromie lad January 08, 2009
When a girl uses facebook as her personal diary or as a means to talk to random men. Also when there in a relationship they will try to use sympathy to attract men. they stay on facebook 24/7 as if they live in the website. They will jump in other peoples argument when shit don't pertain to them to put themselves out there in a bitchy way. They make you want to pull them through the screen and pop the shit out of them. they will post pics of themselves all the time sometimes almost nude where u can see half there pussy lips or a little nip slip.
Dude did you see kaitlyn's profile on facebook. she had videos off her twerking where you can see her pussy lips. She comments on every guy's photos even though she has a boyfriend, she also jumped in on my argument with donald. i hate when she comments on everything she does just ate a bagel, now Im pooping, oops just started my period, just got it in for the 5th time tonight yay me! She's such a Facebook Whore don't talk to her for your dicks protection.
by Jahgettingit September 17, 2013

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