A person who consumes most of their time, if not ALL of their time on the internet website facebook.com. These people have postings 300 times a day or more. They often use multiple application. The comment on everything they see. They rarely spend time with their families and if they do, they will have some sort of communication device with them at all time so they do not miss anything.
Honey seriously, can you stop updating your Facebook while we are having sex, you are such a Facebook Whore!
by The Whore's Man February 01, 2010
Someone who constantly flirts/hooks up/plays head games with people they are friends with on Facebook. This usually involves posting several statuses that suggest they are about someone but no tags because there are several people they are messing with.
Did you see Carolyn CeeCee Reeds statuses? They were all about different guys.

Yea.. she's a Facebook whore.
by JohnDeereCamo January 28, 2012
When people have over 2000 friends on Facebook.
It's like sleeping with tons of men/women except it's on Facebook and everyone can see it.
Me: Hey Mary! How many friends do you have on Facebook? I just hit 500!

Mary: Oh I have 3746. I just cleaned out my friends list so it's a little bit small.

Me: You Facebook whore...
by xMuz September 06, 2011
a person who comments on EVERYTHING and lurks on every possible status, picture, album, etc.
by nicole carnevale May 01, 2011
Either a girl or guy who adds everyone under the sun so that it looks like they have a ton of friends, but in reality they just look stupid because they don't actually know any of them. This said person with a ton of "friends" often has no real friends and no one really likes them because they are fake. They also like to creep on these people they don't know. Guys are the worst because they will facebook chat, message, and comment on pictures of girls they don't even know...LOSERS. Some facebook whores will even post pictures of themselves that are slutty so they can get attention to feel better about themselves. They shoudl just rejoin myspace and quit being annoying to all the normal people who use facebook correctly.
Whore: "Omg I added that kid on facebook yesterday."
Person: "So don't you know him?"
Whore:"ummm, no...I just wanted to creep on him."
Person: "Wow, that's pretty lame..you're a facebook whore. In fact, I don't even really like you."
by getareallife April 16, 2011
a facebook whore is just like a facebook slut but the major difference between the two , is a facebook whore HAS a boyfriend . so not only is she flirting with her boyfriend , but you wil always find a facebook whore flirting with every other guy too !
marissa - ohmygodd chris , your girlfriend is such a facebook whore .

chris - what are you talking about ?

marissa - she flirts with all the other guys when your offline .
by skinnybitch09 February 13, 2011
Some one who spends more than 18 hours a day on Facebook.
Friend 1: OMFG dude i need to check my Facebook.

Friend 2: Your on Facebook all day everyday!

Friend 1: Your point?

Friend 2: Your a Facebook Whore
by TonyDaTiger8 June 17, 2010

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