When a girl on facebook states that she looks ugly in every picture, obviously fishing for compliments.
Shirley: OMG!! i look SO bad in this pic! DLETE!

Roger: Shirley, stop being a Facebook Whore
by JABBAJ May 07, 2009
A person who accepts all friend invitations on their facebook page even from people they do not know just to pad their "friend" total to appear more popular than they really are.
Mike: Did you see how many friends Patty has on her Facebook page? I didn't know she was so popular!!

Greg: Yeah, I saw it. She's not really that popular, she's just a Facebook whore.
by Paolo Maldini November 16, 2010
n; a person who will add anybody on Facebook having one or more common friends; someone who is so desperate for Facebook friends they add people they hardly know
Jill is such a Facebook whore: she added my cousin as a friend because it told her they had one common friend even though she doesn't him.
by jelibean95 April 03, 2010
A person who (1) leaves facebook's home page on the computer 24/7. or (2) Checks facebook everytime the individual has a chance. This person most likely has facebook mobile, updates pictures, posts wall messages like crazy and is constantly in the know to what friends are doing. In short terms lives life through facebook.

You are such a facebook whore, you update your status constantly.
by J E Castaneda December 25, 2008
Somebody who posts numerous statuses/pictures just to feel satisfaction from the number of likes they receive.
Deb: Did you see Ashley's posts last night about her getting engaged, being pregnant and eating delicious pizza?

Leif: Yes, she's a Facebook Whore.
by xxLGEND24xx April 09, 2013
Someone who is obsessed with Facebook (usually a girl) it is rare for them to be offline. Facebook-Whores usually have a Facebook app on their phone, so they can easily check newsfeed, create new status's, add pictures ect. They usally don't have anything to do besides look at random peoples pictures, info,wall ect.
Sarah: "Mary is such a Facebook-Whore!"
Emily: "I know! She is always looking at random peoples stuff.."
by pseudonymousne phyn August 01, 2011
Either a girl or guy who adds everyone under the sun so that it looks like they have a ton of friends, but in reality they just look stupid because they don't actually know any of them. This said person with a ton of "friends" often has no real friends and no one really likes them because they are fake. They also like to creep on these people they don't know. Guys are the worst because they will facebook chat, message, and comment on pictures of girls they don't even know...LOSERS. Some facebook whores will even post pictures of themselves that are slutty so they can get attention to feel better about themselves. They shoudl just rejoin myspace and quit being annoying to all the normal people who use facebook correctly.
Whore: "Omg I added that kid on facebook yesterday."
Person: "So don't you know him?"
Whore:"ummm, no...I just wanted to creep on him."
Person: "Wow, that's pretty lame..you're a facebook whore. In fact, I don't even really like you."
by getareallife April 16, 2011

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