A list of boys or girls most likely from high-school on facebook who are your imaginary whores that imaginarary are still attracted to you regardless if they are in a relationship, have big egos or hate your guts.
by asfd777 October 08, 2010
Someone who adds everyone and their cousin on facebook, joins every other group they see, and adds every app they can think of, all just to look cooler than they really are.
My girlfriend is such a fricking facebook whore.
by absolutelyno one October 01, 2007
A person on social networking sites like facebook, myspace, etc. who will add everyone and everything they see.

A typical Facebook whore has thousands of "friends" they do not personally know.
John: "Wow, Rick has 4677 friends, I didn't know he was so popular!"

Cassie: "He's such a Facebook whore!"
by PassionSmile December 22, 2009
Anyone with more facebook friends than you have.
A: Suzie has 503 friends! What a facebook whore.
B: You should get out of the basement occasionally, maybe you'll meet people too
by suedunimm July 03, 2009
One who possesses a chronic "liking" and "commenting" disorder.
That James kid is such a facebook whore, i had 10 notifications because of him!
by James & Ava from Ma. February 04, 2010
Someone who is a whore, but only on facebook. This can be excessive wall flirting, or being in multiple fake relationships on facebook.
-Dude, did you know that they're dating?

-No man, they're only dating on facebook. I think she's a facebook whore; this is her second fake relationship this month, and she has a real boyfriend.
by HypotheticalWhore October 28, 2009
1) Someone who insists on changing there Facebook Status every 5 minutes to alert the world to whatever mundane task they happen to be doing at the time.

2) someone who insists on posting on everyones wall just so they get replies on there own wall to make them look more popular.
"geeze.. why has she got so many comments on her wall"

"shes a Facebook Whore, she just wants to be popular"

"pfft.. thats pathetic"
by AlfyAllen August 05, 2009

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