Someone who seeks attention from anyone they can get on facebook. Posting "posing" pictures... Multiple online relationships, posting slutty comments on walls / pictures... And just general whoring.
These people are generally unliked by most, but are desperate to get online friends to make up for their crappy real life.
Dood: Shit, Melinda's such a facebook whore. WHERE IS THE BLOCK BUTTON DAMNIT?!
by kateva February 21, 2009
An individual who has more then 500 friends. They know and everyone else knows that they only enjoy seeing that number rise and they don't care who the people they add are. The only thing a "Facebook Whore" cares about is the number of people they have on facebook, and. whenever someone writes on their wall. These individuals may or may not be on facebook often, but the only thing the do is accept friend requests and respond back to wall posts, etc. A good portion of these "Facebook Whores" will have friends who also suffer from this horrib;e disorder, as Whores always depend on other whores to get by.

These individuals are also prone to having people post on their wall constantly. This matches up with a gender basis, if the individual is male, he'll have females writing all over his wall and pictures and constant "likes". This is the same for the female except theres more of the possibility that it will be females writing on their wall.

Female "Facebook Whores" are prone to posting to many pictures, statuses, etc. of themselves degrading their appearence in order to get more people to say great things about them. Such as "GURL you are so pretty, I'm the ugly one."

To a "Facebook Whore" all of these things makes them feel the same pleasure as sex and they only want more as the days go on. These individuals thank technology today for Facebook and Facebook mobile for when they're on the go.
Facebook Whore picture description: "God look at me I'm so fat and ugly. I'm going to be forever alone! :'("

FB Whore friends: "Gurl quit taking away all the beauty."

FB Whore: "Who's talking you're the more beautiful thing on the planet. I'm just a fat ugly slob that has no friends and no man will ever love me!"

And the nausiating converstion goes on forever with the same things over and over again on many other pictures, statuses, etc.
by katieannekay August 11, 2011
uses facebook too much online 24/7; A guy/girl who likes facebook too much and doesn't have a life
Dude Sammi is a facebook whore shes almost on facebook all the time
by The Filipino Adobo Whore December 27, 2009
Someone who starts their day with mobile/cell phone updates when they wake up, than posting more throughout the day and than just before going to sleep at night. Someone who gives a run down of their day even though it's just normal stuff like watching TV, eating, going to work, at a friends house. Quite possibly a shallow person, or someone that needs more substance to their life instead of being so focused on FB. At least the fb whores can be ignored by not getting on fb. But the Text whores are even worse with their updates cause you can't avoid all the mundane garbage when they text your phone all the time!
Example of daily mobile updates from a facebook whore:
6:38am So tired and running late, morning why must you come so quick? wheres my coffee?!
10:47am Is this day over yet? Wishing it was Friday!
4:47pm Off work finally YAY!! Hangin with Jen at the mall and than home for dinner and watch tv. Text me
8:43pm Mmmmm mocha icecream and Jersey Shore, life is good. Text me
10:17pm Nite fb friends
(this doesn't include all the other mundane garabage they sign on to fb with their phone & chat about)
by NWxplr October 29, 2010
someone who becomes facebook friends with everyone they come in contact with in less than 24 hours of meeting them.

also referred to as the most annoying facebook habit ever.
Lacey: that Carter guy from the party last night was really cute
Anna: oh, you mean Carter Bennet? we're already facebook friends
Lacey: you are such a facebook whore
by lrjennings March 05, 2010
Someone who has all of their profile information available for stalkers and pedophiles to view and/or comment on.
Pedo #1: Hey look, I found a facebook whore. She's got her address up here and everything!
Pedo #2: well then, what are you waiting for?! Get in the damn van!
by allthegoodnamesaretaken... January 22, 2011
Someone who spend every second of every minute of every hour on facebook, commenting on every photos, and sometimes facebook stalk someone.
John doe: can't wait for school to be over with.

"five seconds later"

Facebookwhore likes this

Facebookwhore OMG me too
by thaimaisue October 17, 2009
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