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a person who threatens or talks shit to people over facebook, but doesn't do anything when confronted in person.
Guy 1: This guy messaged me the other day saying he's gunna kick my ass, but when i tried to walk up to him today he ran away.

Guy 2: Wow.What a facebook warrior.
by d-wrecktion January 18, 2011
Tell's girls that they're gorgeous, beautiful etc. on Facebook but face to face they don't talk the girl. They also take pictures of themselves in the mirror and often look like a complete cock but they don't know it.
"That dickhead said he liked her on Facebook but I've never actually seen him talk to her."
"Yeah he's a right Facebook warrior."
by I shake tree's for milk January 06, 2012
A facebook warrior is a person who is always on facebook.
Tyrone : Yo swear down bruv, James is always on facebook.

Reece : Yeah innit he's a facebook warrior.
by Chei October 19, 2011