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sharing a lot of unnecessary information about others while not being asked for it (similar to the recent actions of Facebook and the development of the NewsFeed).
Melissa : Wanna get something to eat?
Keisha : I heard Vicky T. sucked off Mike, Joe, David and Gino. And Paris slept with Daniel, Jamaal and Kyle.
Melissa : Alright...thanks for that.
Alicia : Wow, you definitely just whyled out.. on some serious Facebook Snitch status.
by dubbsy December 03, 2006
When a facebook friend tells your woman or man something that you already told the world.
Homeboy's Baby Momma: I unfriended you because you were talking shit about me to my man after you saw my post to the world on facebook about my friend who got into a wreck.

Pimp: Yeah I guess I just became a facebook snitch. OMG LOL, that was so last year.

Newyo Rican: Your both a bunch of facebook whores. I get all my facebook 4-1-1 from my wife on the DL, and don't officially have an account myself, but always know the instant something is posted on there like when that Vegas Pimp posted up on his wall. Wu Tang Motherfuckas.
by Vegas P. August 25, 2011
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