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1. When facebook user logs on to facebook chat for a brief moment to see who is online and sends the message "sniped" to those who he or she would like to facebook snipe. Then he/she user logs off of facebook chat before said 'sniped' victim has time to respond "dodged".
1. "What have you been doing all day?" ~"Oh, just sitting here facebook sniping people."

2. I'd stay offline man, Josh will snipe you.

3. Shit, I just got sniped three times because I didn't log off!
by Hootimus September 07, 2010
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Spending countless hours on facebook:

1.) Finding friends, or friends of friends, or people you may, or may not remember from a party, social gathering, class, or other part of life in general and then sending them a friend request.

2.)Scanning through recently updated photos, status messages, wall-posts, application updates, order to find whatever tidbit of information you can on anyone out of pure boredom.
Wow, I just wasted five hours of my life facebook sniping.
by VMIFireman07 December 28, 2008

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