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Those girls on Facebook who have at least 20 or more "likes" and comments on almost all of their profile pictures.

Girls who post ridiculously unnecessary status updates just to see how many "likes" they can get from guys.

Those girls who you've never met personally but know who they are from Facebook.

A girl who has at least 70 or more profile pictures and adds a new one about once a week.
Guy: Hey man, do you know Jackie? She liked a couple of my pictures.
Other Guy: Dude, she's just a Facebook Phenom girl, good luck.

Girl: My ex-boyfriend liked Suzy's picture and she liked his back, I'm so worried!
Other Girl: Are you kidding me? She's just one of those Facebook phenom girls, you have nothing to worry about.
#facebook slut #facebook whore #conceited #superficial #facebook
by bbg323 June 25, 2011
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