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v. The act of looking someone up on Facebook. Akin to "googling" something.
Guy 1: Dude...that chick at the party was hot. Where's her room again?
Guy 2: I don't know...let's facebook it!
by ted_yc November 18, 2006
when you and your friends are out and about and all of a sudden something really good happens and you get a picture of it and it imeditely needs to go on facebook
you and your friends are at a friends house drunk and you get a big group shot of everyone and someone from the back goes "facebook it" and everyone knows what you are talking about
by nons May 26, 2006
V. to post a photo or video on the website Facebook.
Person 1: "OMG!!! Did you see that picture of Skinny Brittney looking like a fat ass?"

Person 2: "Hellz yeah, you need to show everybody that pic."

Person 1: "Don't worry, im about to facebook it"
by Hot Ty January 29, 2008