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Occurs when an individual logs onto their facebook account and randomly leaves mean or belligerent comments on everyone's statuses within their live feed list (most likely with the hopes of drawing attention to themselves or strictly out of boredom). Comments must be left on over 2 or more people to be considered an official facebook driveby.
Person 1:"Yo man, the other night I just like, got so BORED with facebook and decided to pull a facebook driveby."

Person 2:"..you pulled a what? A facebook driveby?"

Person 1:"Dude it's EASY! Just log on to your facebook account and just start like leaving nasty comments on peoples' statuses man. I nailed like 30 people in 10 minutes bro! It was EPIC!"

Person 2:"..so you feel any better?"

Person 1:"Nah..people still ignore me bro."

Person 2:"Fail."
by Konchii November 13, 2009

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