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Someone who writes depressed quotes, sayings or lyrics, and is perfectly happy in real life.
Ann Daivd On Facebook: Is alone in this world...

The Next Day At School

Ann David IRL: Hi guys! I'm the happiest person in the world!

Friends: Dude, she is totally facebook depressed.
by ThatKoolGuy April 19, 2009
A bout of depression expierienced after reading facebook posts about how awesome all of your friends lives are in comparison to your own. This usually happens after reading about life changing events like marriage or the birth of a child, reaffirming all your suspicions that you are getting left behind.
Girl 1: aww did you see her new baby on facebook? Thats her third one! Aren't youguys the same age?

Girl 2 :yeah we are, thanks for rubbing it in, like im not already facebook depressed!
by Mylifestinks2020 October 25, 2011
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