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An attention-seeking act where a person uses facebook to announce something of significant personal importance such as an engagement, pregnancy or even the death of a loved one.

In many cases people will deliberately withhold the news in conversations with friends so as to not reduce the sensationalism of their announcement.

This is totally gay.
Facebook: **** **** is engaged to ***** ******
Sophie: OMG congrats xxxxx
Jenny:OMGZ that's soooo great xxx
Me: How come you didn't mention that yesterday when we spent the day together? Facebombing?
by Rude McDude June 21, 2010
To post a status or comment that you perceive to be hilarious or clever only to get no likes or comments in response.

To jokingly post a sarcastic response to a status, but be accused of being a troll.
Mark: "I thought my status was pretty fuggin' funny, but it's been four hours now and no one's responded!"

Tom: "You facebombed."
by Mot6180 August 23, 2014