When another person leaves the computer with their facebook page still logged on, you make a status for them to embarrass them.
My Sister facebombed me. She made my facebook status:"I have the best sister in the whole world."
by Jenjosie October 15, 2011
The act of editing an individual's Facebook status and personal information when they have left their account logged in and unattended.
Wow, my Facebook status says "I love cock in my mouth!" That was an intense face-bomb.
by tylertown33 June 11, 2011
Act of posting vulgar, profane, or other offensive material in a comment, post, or response on Facebook.
Steve: Wow, that comment was really off-color.
Greg: Yeah, not cool of him to face-bomb her status like that.
by Adreniline February 08, 2010
To ambush, hijack, sabotage or publicly defile another person's profile.
After their breakup, Lily facebombed Nick, posting embarassing photos and videos on his wall.
by nowhy February 14, 2011
1) A sexual act in which the man ejaculates on a woman's face. IE "money shot" or "facial"
After she gave him a blowjob, he pulled out and gave her a facebomb.
by MizzDemeaner April 06, 2011
The act of leaving wall posts on someone's facebook page when they forgot to log out of their account while you pretend to be them.
"I facebombed my sister so bad the other day. I posted that her older sister (me) was the coolest person she had ever met and that everyone wanted to be like her."
by Sub1ime January 19, 2010
To comment excessively on another person's Facebook page, usually all at one time.
Benny: Dude, do you think she's knows I'm interested in her?
Sebastien: Well, you commented on every single picture in her profile album and left five comments on her wall in the past five minutes. I think she knows. Facebomb much?
by Starrynight1979 October 09, 2009

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