Being a bitch to someone over facebook statuses (also can be mybitch, which is a bitch over myspace)
"Dude, Ruth was being a total Facebitch today"
by Jables21 March 08, 2010
Someone who's a bitch to you on facebook but then licks your arse in real life.
facebook- ''omg you totally copyied my hair you bitch''

real life- ''omg your hairs amazing where did you get it?''

by RaazTaaz January 29, 2009
One who chooses to use facebook status updates for negative comments instead on positive ones.
I had to remove my friend from my facebook updates, she's such a facebitch.
by pmarcotte December 23, 2011
JFK...n' Dys...
1.To be on facebook and complaining about something.
2.Just Facebooking in general.
3. When Facebook is being a bitch(such as, facebook being slow, etc.)
Facebook Status:
I really hate my life...
Some people need to get a life...
I'm so depressed and I have no friends...
I am sad, I feel like I should "Facebitch".
by jfk1116/Dys May 31, 2011
a facebitch can be one of the following things:

1. one of your many bitches, male or female, who happen to have a facebook account

2. your online bitch, male or female, because there is no interaction of any sort in person


3. a douchnozzle who uses formspring to talk shit while anonymous because they don't have the balls to say it in person
Jeff: Dude, Bridgette told me she would defintely give me a blowjob when i was facebook chatting her!

Bill: Oh, so she's your facebitch.

Jeff: Damn right she is!

Tommy: Hey Sam, who was that person who said your girl was ugly and that he fucked your mom?

Sam: No idea, he was using formspring like the facebitch he is.
by /b/tard's /b/rother July 18, 2010
n. A female who spends an inordinate amount of time on social networking websites; especially one who then complains about not having enough time in real life.
"Jane constantly whines about being disorganized. She's always late, she never finishes her school assignments, and her house is a mess! Why are some people like that?"

"I'll tell you why Jane is like that - she spends so much of her free time on facebook that she's got calluses on her ass! She's a real facebitch."
by pseudonom January 01, 2009
To go onto your FaceBook and bitch about your life.
My FaceBitch for tonite: Double effin' allergies got me (again)...thank goodness I ♥ my Benadryl
by elnguyen October 28, 2009

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