A emoticon used for a variety of reasons, but generally used to point out the stupidity of a person's post. Spammed face_plains and giant face_plains can be used for increased effect. Frequently found in the vestibule.
vesti noob: Pics of boobies inside!!!!

*board topic contains pictures of shirtless men*

...MANboobies. hahahaha. LMAOwned.

Vestibulian: face_plain Please die.
by A big cow September 27, 2005
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Top Definition
Showing absolutely no interest whatsoever; usually used following an idiotic or nonsensical statement.
"OMGZ0RS I just liek totally masturbated and now my hands are sticky!"
by Iliketofu August 22, 2004
an emoticon for disgust. usually done in reply to asshats or n00bs.

also known as :|
So what does buttseckz mean vestibulians?
STFU n00b! face_plain
by L. F. Grant February 01, 2005
What the f***; you retard; you dumbass; you fool.
"OMG I want to have teh buttsecks with Tal's munkey111!!1!!"

by sdkfmxoe November 24, 2003

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