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An enjoyable leisure activity that combines both Facebooking and Youtubing, Facetubing is a common pastime for the average bloke who spends half of his day in front of a computer. Any simpleton can be on Facebook and Youtube at the same time, but Facetubing can be achieved only by the most dedicated and resilient of fanatics.

Facetubers can be expected to constantly visit Youtube and Facebook ever so often in between doing actual work. At an advanced level, they may also exhibit a tendency to seek increased engagement by employing both desktop and mobile devices simultaneously.

A usual sight in the office when your peers have less than nothing for the day.
Wong said he was really busy with a project but was actually Facetubing all afternoon.
by Tangan September 05, 2014
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The act of facebooking and youtubing at the same time. Often a form of procrastination used by students. The term originally came from a misuse of both the word facebook and youtube by linguistics professor Marcel Danesi at the U of T during an ANT100Y1Y lecture.
1. Yo stop face-tubing and get on msn!
by enterthematrix April 16, 2007
this term is used when one is online and decides to use facebook and also watch youtube videos at the same time
George: Oh hey Carl, how are you? Carl: Hey George, I'm good thanks. Just facetubing. George: Carl, you're awesome.
by damiksta March 26, 2011

Facetubing is the act of using the internet only for Facebook and Youtube. This is recognized as a complete waste of time as no one has anything important to say on Facebook and watches clips on Youtube that have no importance or value. In some extreme cases this is an addiction where most people no longer visit any other websites besides Facebook and Youtube.
Person #1 "Where is Johnny?"

Person #2 "She's facetubing."
by JohnnyBeeGood December 29, 2011

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