The art of gettin pwn'd by planting the face on the ground, rail wall etc.
Tom: i was reverting, it killed my arm and i face planted the rail.
Jeff: FUCK
by Thundrstryke September 05, 2006
to be so zoned into your smartphone device that you end up ignoring the world that you live in.
face planter's tend to fall into fountains while texting. face planters don't know that guy at the coffee shop thinks that they are cute because they never look up.
by karenladeeda May 06, 2012
When you have gotten so messed up you just tip over and go face first into the ground without warning.
Noise was telling a great joke then the booze hit him and he did a total face-plant in the middle of the party like Peter from Family Guy!
by Tay~Lyn and WhiteNoise August 20, 2011
The act of dipping your face in another Human's anal sphincter and then lovingly growing a member of the ericaceae plant family in your own oral cavity.
A Faceplant is very self-explanatory, isn't it?
by bitchsuckaa December 14, 2014
When your overly inebriated and then proceed to fall on your face....Usually while passing out and/or tripping over the invisible object that only you believed was there...
"Dude... what happen to his face?"

"His driveway!! Face Plant right on that bitch"
by AcaciaOctoberRain666 January 09, 2010
When someone makes a ridiculous status update when you've left your computer signed into Facebook.
Dude just came on to his brother via status update! FACEPLANT!
by Hoju ju December 15, 2010
1. Being so tired that you are about to pass out from exhaustion. (Insinuates that you will fall asleep instantly upon your head touching the pillow)
2. Tripping and landing on your face.
Addicted WoW Player: "I faceplanted after that raid ended at 4am."
by F. Sancho August 11, 2009
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