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Term used in place of what would normally be the word "gay" to describe something repulsively camp, in order to not offend your non camp gay friends.
Dude your Hawaiian shirt reeks of fabulousness! Now quit flapping your arms all over the place on the way back from the bar. You'll spill your Bacardi Breezer!
by SpikeGDI June 21, 2008
Commonly overused word by fake, obnoxious, insecure type girls who feel the need to insincerely flatter people and try to make all of their mundane moments seem extraordinary hoping to manipulate people.
I'm fabulous because I say fabulous so much.
by 2Honest October 29, 2012
flamboyant; homosexual; gay
P1: "Look at Clay's pink shorts! He's definitely gay!"

P2: "I know. Why does he always wear such fabulous clothing?"
by John Groe August 28, 2009
The ultimate gay man's compliment
Cashmire, you look FABULOUS!
by LadyPhia August 25, 2011
When you see someone who looks like he might be little 'sweet', you would say he's 'fabulous'.
That new guy at work looks a little 'fabulous'.
by dfdf May 01, 2006