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The feeling that's better than fabulous, or fantastic. It is a level of good that is the best of the best.
Doug was having a good day, but when he got to talk to Lauren went from good to fabulantastic.
by Doug H June 03, 2007
An artistic way of writing the really cool word fabulantastic.
That is so fab.u.lant.astic, there is going to be an infinite loop.
by Hansonsss3d May 31, 2005
Fabulantastic N. fab.u.lant.astic Property of Diane's word. It means fabulous in more cooler way. Warning:
no parents should use this word..cush it's weerd for them.
I'm so Fabulantastic because I got this word in the dictionary just like I said.
by Hansonsss3d May 31, 2005

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